Roman Emperors

A painting of Julius Caesar

Julius Caesar reigned 46-44 BC. Early in his reign, Julius made a strong military that later conquered Gaul. He then started a civil war with Italy and won. He was assassinated by the senate in 44 BC. He did a lot for Rome in his reign, but it just was not long enough.

Augustus reigned 31 BC to 14 AD. He was considered one of Rome's best leaders. In his early life, he was adopted by Julius Caesar because Caesar was not married and needed an heir. Augustus lived a gooD life in the palace, but when he was 19, Caesar was murdered by his advisors. Rome needed a Leader, so augustus became emperor. During his reign, Augustus attacked Cleopatra And ruined 2/3 of the egyPtian Fleet.

Augustus was considered a hero in Rome after the Egyptian attacks. During his reign, Augustus also expanded Rome's land. He spread Rome past Spain and Germany, creating more space and power over other parts of Europe. By the end of his reign, he ended 100 years of civil war and achieved 40 years of peace and prosperity. This definitely makes him the best emperor out of the four I chose.

Bust of Galba

Galba et al reigned 68-69 AD. Right in the beginning of his reign, he automatic call made enemies. He was very strict and serious when it came to his country. Galba was assassinated seven months after he became emperor. He did not do much, but he worked mostly on his military and making it stronger. Even though Galba did not have a very long reign and didn't do as much as most emperors, he definitely did better than others.

Vespasian ruled 69-79 AD. During his reign, he established the FlaVian Dynasty. He led a bRutal war against another area of rome, and over 50,000 Roman died from getting caught in the crossfire of the city. He decided later on to help raise Money for rome because Rome was in debt. He saved money by raising taxes. He Kept the money in an underground vault. He later died in 79 AD.

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