In photography I took pictures

I went to photography. I took pictures of trees, cars, bikes, flowers and people.

Shutter speed motion

The first picture is allowing the blur. I set the camera for f/8 @ 1/50. Next one is freeze. I set the camera for f/4 @ 1/1600. Then the last one is panning. I set the camera for f/22 @ 1/6.

Telling a story

I took pictures of my dog Bailey getting his Kong. I looked while Dad gave Bailey the Kong. I took a picture every few seconds from the beginning until he was all done.

I looked at the train from the car. I saw the train. It was going fast Then it was gone. The lights were red, and now the lights are green. Go!

The man is putting the base on the Christmas tree. First, he made sure the base was on the tree Then, he tightened all the bolts in the base. Then the tree was ready to level it.

I took pictures of Dad making lemon juice. The pictures tell the story First, Dad cut the lemons, then he I juiced them, then I poured the juice through the strainer, and then he poured the lemon juice into the bottle. Then, the lemon juice is ready.

The negative space is the area which surrounds the main subject in your photo. The triangle is a way to fill your frame, add balance, and add movement to an image. The rule of even and odd means having number of subjects in the image to create a more natural and balanced image. An even number of subjects can create the impression of tension in the image.

The three cows are walking making a triangle.

The palm trees are fancy and great. The streetlights are white and the sky is dark. The rocks and the tree branch are in front of the sky. The pine cone and our shadows are on the ground.


I learned about my masks. The first one is a day of the dead mask. The next one a traditional USA mask. The next one is an eastern culture ceremonial mask.

There are generally two kinds of masks: religious and artistic masks that are typically used for enacting persons, animals and supernatural beings.

The decisive moment is when Bailey is going to eat the treat.

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