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Learning Experience

In the beginning of the class I had little to no understanding of photography. I took this class because it was recommended by a friend. Today, I wish I could fashion a time machine so that I could tell my former self to pick up a camera and start shooting pictures. This has been one of the most interesting classes I have taken here at Whittier College. The reason this class has been so interesting is because I learn something new each day. Other classes review the same material each day. However, this class uses the knowledge and applies it to real world scenarios. I have grown intellectually and culturally over the period of this course. I have learned the fundamentals of photography which includes the usage of Photoshop. I have learned how to communicate mental representations and feelings through photography. I have learned about the origins of photography and the many digital artists who have created the very techniques and styles we use today!


The Flight of the Neophyte
The Complexities and Beautiful Idiosyncrasies of Nature
A Shamrock and Parakeet Melange (Grass)
Dog Days are beginning
Touch of Individuality In a field of Banality

Skills Learned

Over the period of this course, I have learned several new techniques and skills which have helped me enormously in capturing and editing my photos. First, I learned the camera operations and technical components which create an original and pleasing shot. One should avoid centering the subjects and aim so that they are in a third quadrant (Rule of Thirds!). Furthermore, it is important to find a balance between the aperture and the shutter speed so that they work together. Another technical component learned was the ability to properly expose the images. One should properly exposes the image so that there are no patches of just white or black. This is accomplished by moving the camera stop to the zero. Next, I learned about the various methods to correct photos in Photoshop. Before anything, one must follow the rule of non-destructive imaging so that the original pictures are safe and can be edited in the future. Next, if someone was unable to properly expose an image I learned that the photo can be corrected in Photoshop. To do this, one must add a levels layer and adjust it so that the cursor is aligned at the edges of the histogram. The most interesting Photoshop technique I learned was solarization. I love this technique because the images can change every time. It all depends on chance! To accomplish this task, one must create a colors layer and adjust it by drawing an upside down V. The final product is astonishing!

Project 1: Abstract

Object: X-Ray Defractometer

Exodus of the Tubing
Mechanical Corner
Ambiguity in Simplicity
Opposite of Multiplication
Home of the X-Ray
The Commencement of the Structure
Sharpness layered with Vagueness
Ominous of the Complex
Peering in
Corner Nut

Project 2 Solarization!

Precise Ambiguity
Unclear meets Unclearer
Inner Shades of Rage
Through The Looking Glass
Grasping for Life
Square Complexities

Project 3: Various Themes

Passage of Time
Where is my partner?
Cigarette Contradiction
Passage of LIfe
The Great Divide
Intellectual Divide
Physical Divide
Color Divide
The Giants!
Eye Inception Fairies!
Cyclops Lizard!
Cigarrette Starfish!
The abominable Mermaid!

Project 5: Narrative

Planetary Collision
Hear, Speak, and See No Evil
The judgement

Final Project

This final project was inspired by climate change. There are many people who deny that climate change exists and, contrariwise, there are several who believe that it does. I wanted to show that it does exist, through digital photography and physics. Several of the photos demonstrate the correlation between entropy and enthalpy and their impact on the spontaneity of climate change. Furthermore, the solution to climate change can be accomplished through the use of electricity. Otherwise, the production of unclean air, droughts, and spontaneous fires can occur. It is important that the world unite and eliminate the usage of fossil fuels. Our final velocities must have a trajectory with similar interests in order for the Earth to be healthy again! I chose to take the photos in black and white because I wanted to people to feel the reality in which we live in. I wanted to convey a tone of somberness and for me the best way to convey the message was in black and white. Not only did I wanted the audience to walk away having been convinced in the existence of climate change, I also wanted them to understand that one can change the world through digital photography.

Climate Change Presented and Supported Through Physics

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