The Iowa State Athletics Department will host the second of two fan-favorite "Beauty and the Beast" events in Hilton Coliseum.

The Cyclone Wrestling and Gymnastics teams will both be competing against Oklahoma simultaneously on Friday, January 27, at 6:30 pm, creating an atmosphere that is fun for the whole family.

General admission tickets can be purchased online at or by calling the Athletics Ticket Office at 888-478-2925. Tickets are $10 for adults and $5 for youth (high school and younger). Jr. Cyclone Club members receive complimentary admission in GA seating by presenting their membership card at the door.

For a limited time, take advantage of the "Five for $5" ticket promotion. Purchase general admission tickets to the January 27 Beauty and the Beast event in multiples of five and receive each ticket for just $1!

A collegiate gymnastics meet consists of four apparatuses - vault, uneven bars, balance beam, and floor exercise. Six gymnasts complete on each event with the top five scores counting towards the team total. The rotation scores from each apparatus are added together to determine the team's meet score. A score of 196 or higher is considered strong in collegiate gymnastics.


Gymnasts vault off an inclined table with both of their hands, perform multiple twists and turns, and try to land steady and controlled. All twisting should be completed at the apex of the vault. Each gymnast will perform one vault for which the score will count. During the four-minute touch warm-up, each vaulter is guaranteed two times over the vaulting table.


Gymnasts will perform a routine on two flexible bars. Gymnasts twist, turn, and flip with multiple changes in direction and grip. Gymnasts must end the routine with a controlled landing. Routines must have a minimum of two bar changes, two flight elements, and one element with a longitudinal turn.


Gymnasts perform a 60- to 80-second choreographed routine comprised of tumbling moves, flips, turns, and jumps on a wooden beam that is only four inches wide. The dismount must be controlled and steady. Routines must contain an acrobatic series, a dance series with a minimum of two elements, and a leap or jump requiring a 180-degree split.


Gymnasts perform a 70- to 90-second dance-like routine featuring somersaults, back flips, and other acrobatic skills to an accompanying music piece. The routine must consist of one acrobatic series, two somersaults or one acrobatic series with two somersaults, and three different somersaults within the exercise. There must also be a dance series with a minimum of two elements like leaps, jumps, hops, or turns.


Deductions are taken for failure to complete a skill accurately, breaks in form, and breaks in the continuity of a routine. The amount deducted depends on the apparatus.

Following is a list of deductions and point values associated with those deductions: 1) Stepping out of bounds on the floor exercise is a 0.1 deduction; 2) Deductions for skill accuracy may range from 0.05 to 0.3 of a point; 3) Falling off of an apparatus is an automatic 0.5 deduction.

Landing deductions are taken for lack of control and/or movement occurring prior to presenting to the judges.

A collegiate wrestling meet consists of 10 matches with three periods in each match. The first period lasts three minutes, and the second and third periods last two minutes, respectively. In the result of a tie, a sudden victory overtime will take place in which the first competitor to score a point is declared the winner. Each wrestler is given a green or red band to wear around their ankle at the start of the match. The referee wears a corresponding color around each of his wrists and raises the appropriate hand to award points.


Team points are rewarded during dual competition as follows:

6 Points - Fall (or pin), default, forfeit, disqualification

5 Points - Technical fall (records near fall during match)

4 Points - Major decision, technical fall (fails to record near fall during match)

3 Points - Decision


Major Decision (4 points) - A major decision occurs when the margin of victory after three periods is 8-14 points.

Decision (3 points) - A decision occurs when the margin of victory is fewer than eight points. A decision is also credited to the wrestler who is awarded the first point(s) in the sudden victory of an overtime match that does not end with a fall, default, or disqualification.


A default is awarded in a match when one of the wrestlers is unable to continue due to an injury or by choice of his or her coach. A default shall be included as a win or loss in each wrestler's individual season record.


A defensive wrestler is awarded an escape when the offensive wrestler loses control of the opponent while any part of either wrestler remains in bounds. An escape may be awarded while the wrestlers are still in contact.


A takedown shall be awarded when, from the neutral position, a contestant gains control by taking the opponent down to the mat in bounds and beyond reaction time. For the purpose of awarding takedown points at the edge of the wrestling area, points shall be awarded when control is established while any part of either wrestler finishes in bounds. If the foot of the wrestler attempting a takedown was outside the wrestling area, a takedown shall not be awarded.


A fall, also known as a pin, occurs when any part of both shoulders of either wrestler is held in contact with the mat for one second. A fall ends the match immediately and the offensive wrestler who held the pin is declared the winner and rewarded six points for his team.


A near fall occurs when the offensive wrestler: 1) Holds his opponent's shoulders within four inches or less of the mat for two seconds or more, or 2) Holds one shoulder in contact with the mat and the other shoulder at an angle of 45 degrees or less for two seconds or more. Two points are awarded if held between 2-5 seconds while three points are awarded if held for five or more seconds.


A technical fall ends the match and occurs when a wrestler has earned a 15-point advantage over the opponent. A time-advantage point cannot be awarded until the third period has concluded. Five team points shall be scored for a technical fall if the winning wrestler was awarded a near fall during the match. Four team points shall be scored for a technical fall if the winning wrestler fails to score a near fall.

See you at Hilton Coliseum on January 27!

Purchase general admission tickets to the January 27 Beauty and the Beast event in multiples of five and receive each ticket for just $1!

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