WW1 Trench Survival Guide By David palmer

Entrenching Tool

("WW1 British")

In the trenches you will need an entrenchment tool. It will be useful to dig more trenches in the night or make a foxhole to shoot at the Enemy. It can also be used to add onto existing trenches. 

Standard Issue Rifle

("Short Magazine")

You will also need your countries standard issue rifle. You can use it to defend your trench. The Standard issue rifle for your country could be the SMLE MK3 for Great Britain, the Lebel Model 1886 for France, M1903 Springfield for USA, Gewehr 98 for Germany, or the Mannlicher Gewehr 88 for Austria-Hungary ("Infantry Weapons").

Gas Mask

("Horse and Man with")

Steel Helmet

("British Helmet")

In the trenches, to protect you head from shrapnel, you need a helmet. You will also need it when you are firing at the other trenches because your head will be sticking out. Also, if something falls on your head, you may not get hurt as bad. 



You will need a bayonet in case the enemy storms your trench. It can also be used to cut things like meat and you can toast bread. You can also use it when you are going "over the top" when in close quarters combat with the enemy. 

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