Good Life Tour of the Harm Museum Joseph Mathews

For the medium of art piece I most enjoyed I picked Chelsea Composite II by Yvonne Jacquette. The painting is made by using oil paints on linen and looked striking to me because the way it was painted it looked like individual, thick strokes which gave it an odd 3D effect. The way the artist portrayed the city reminded me a lot of the Spider-Man movies in the way that it was dark yet perfectly depicted to show the many layers of the city from the skyscrapers to the cities below.

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The design of the museum itself was pretty amazing as there were large rooms full or art yet these tiny little gardens scattered out throughout the museum to admire the natural beauty in addition to the artwork on display. My favorite area was this little Japanese garden in the very center of the museum. I enjoyed it a lot because it put to use still water which is very calming to me as well as the greenery around the garden. What was also interesting was that even though it was in the center of the museum it was in the perfect spot to receive bountiful light and served as not only a pretty garden for viewing but also a natural light source that enhanced the exhibits around it.

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For art and core values I thought this sculpture of a family was a good representative of my ideas of unity as a value I hold highly. Unity is essential to a society and helps prevent cracks forming from within and breaking up the society as a whole. What I like about this sculpture is from the top they are 3 individual pieces but from the base of the sculpture you can see they are one united piece. I like to think of society as this as it needs to be seen as a group of individuals yet also one united group.

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For my piece of art that embodied the good life I chose this miniature garden, "Juchiteca de pie" by Francisco Zuniga. This piece makes me think about the good life as the main aspect of the garden is the sculpture of a woman in the middle yet what caught my attention the most was the rock pattern. As I looked at the rocks I realized that sometimes the beauty in life isn't what you're told to look at but instead just the little details. I feel that part of the good life is being able to appreciate the smaller, less important things in life which will help you enjoy life as a whole. Without the little addition of the rocks I would've just said it was a cool stature and nothing really too special. The good life is about being able to enjoy the unexpected. While roaming around the museum looking for a piece that I enjoyed and thought embodied the good life I was able to find the embodiment of such ideas in the little details of this garden and I believe that is what the good life is about. You can force yourself to enjoy something people tell you you're supposed to enjoy or you could approach life in a manner that allows you to enjoy the unexpected, such as the fact that the rocks were aligned in a pattern instead of just skewed about.


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