Adobe Spark Overview + Canvas Integration Three applications: Spark post / pages / Video

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Adobe Spark can be used on desktop computers, including laptops and Chromebooks. For desktop users, Spark runs inside of web browser, go to spark.adobe.com to access all three Spark formats in one place.
On iPhone and iPad, there are three Adobe Spark apps, one for each of the three Spark formats: 1: Adobe Spark Post 2: Adobe Spark Page 3:Adobe Spark Video.
The Adobe Spark web and mobile apps can be used interchangeably. You can start work on one platform, edit on another, and go back and forth between platforms and devices as needed. Adobe Spark automatically saves and synchronizes content across all of your devices.

Why Adobe Spark?

Adobe Spark was built to encourage creativity and create impactful communication.
Adobe Spark features a simple and intuitive workflow that is engaging and encouraging.

Go to spark.adobe.com

Must use your U0123456@utah.edu to log into Adobe Spark

Use your UNID@utah.edu
If you are University of Utah Faculty, Staff or Student be sure to use your UNID # example: U0123456@utah.edu



Create beautiful posters for any topic by bringing words and images together in fun ways. Turn essays, assignments, reports and more into engaging visual stories. Play with a variety of layouts, and add text. Use your own photos, or pick from thousands of free online images. You can also upload your final assignment directly to Canvas, or you can save your work as a pdf or jpg.

Creating a Spark Post + 4 minute tutorial


Creating a Spark Page (WEBPAGE/presentation)

Create truly one of a kind web stories using Spark Page. You can create uniquely beautiful webpages adding multiple types of content, photos, youtube videos and text. Publish, edit and share your projects by via project link, via social media or upload your URL to a Canvas assignment.​

Creating a Spark Page + 5 minute tutorial


Creating a Spark Video (video/slideshow)

Spark video provides opportunities to tell your own stories through a narrated presentation. You have the option of choosing a story template or start from scratch. Either way, it is easy to use. You can add images, icons, text, video, music, and record your voice to narrate the story. Then, publish, edit and share your video via a link.

Creating a Spark Video + 7 minute tutorial
The Adobe Spark formats can also be used TOGETHER! Create a Spark VIDEO and embed it in a Spark PAGE. Or create and image with a Spark POST and use it in a Spark VIDEO or a Spark PAGE. Or create an amazing PAGE or VIDEO story and use Spark POST to create a social media image to drive traffic to your creation.

Canvas and Adobe Spark Integration

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