Leif Christian Stige Leader of RF2-Human Impacts (UiO)

What is your specific role in the project?

I coordinate the work in RF2. In addition I am involved in the statistical population modelling of zooplankton and fish.

Which scientific question do you hope to answer at the end of the project?

With RF2 we hope to understand better the human impacts on the changing arctic marine ecosystems. My research investigates the combined effects of fishing and climate.

Photo: Leif Christian Stige

If you had to choose another discipline within the Nansen Legacy, which one would you choose?

It would be a discipline that brought me more out at sea than what modelling does. I had, however, the chance to go on the first joint cruise in August – that was fantastic!

Photo: Siv N. K. Hoff

The Arctic, what fascinates you the most?

The vast distances with ice, sea and only one ship, KPH.

Photo: Siv N. K. Hoff

What is the first thing you think off when hearing the name, Fridtjof Nansen?

That is his diversity in talents and achievements − as scientist, explorer and humanitarian.

Which book/film/music has made the largest impression on you lately?

“Egils Skallagrimssons saga”, which was written 800 years ago and gives a vivid impression of the lives of people in the Viking age. Interestingly, the book mentions fishing for cod in Lofoten and trading the dried fish, “stockfish”, with wheat, honey, wine and clothes in England. It shows the Lofoten fishery has a long tradition!

Photo: colourbox.com

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