FITT and SAID By: Vikram Gill

F - Frequency - How often you do a certain type of exercise

I - Intensity - How hard you exercise

T - Type - What type of exercise you do

T - Time - How long you exercise for

S - Specific - A certain type of exercise

A - Adaptation - You get used to the exercise you do everyday

I - Imposed -

D - Demand - Do an exercise if someone such as a coach tells you to do it. Or you can demand yourself to exercise.

Hi, I am your personal trainer and I am going to teach you how to stay fit and healthy. First you should start off with an easy specific exercise such as sit-ups or jumping jacks just to get warmed up. You should do these every workout session so you will adapt to it. Then you should start trying out different types of exercises that you are comfortable with. After choosing what exercises your going to be doing everyday start choosing how long your going to do each exercise for . Everyday your workout should be more intense and you should be sweating more everyday. Those are my tips for starters like you who want to start exercising.

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