My Portfolio Andrew Hwang

My first creative work in digital imaging. I cropped the crab out of a white background and put it on a different background. I decided to make it look like a monster attacking the city.
This work involved a lot of different techniques that I had to use in order to achieve the effects. The light involved transformations, I used layer masks for the fog and I needed to use the motion blur filter in order to achieve the rain.
This involved the use of many different layers and arranging those layers in order to achieve this look. I used the paintbrush to color in all of the different areas like the heroes and the title. The background was from a different image that I layered below the image.
This project is where I had the most creativity. From seeing other contemporary art I got the use of random animals in different places around the city. The randomness of the art in the city represents all the different ideas and situations prevalent in a city.
I had the most fun with this project. It looked very interesting to me by using pattern brushes to make a once crystal clear picture into a painting. I took a picture of the flowers outside and turned it into a painting.
This excursive was the last of my training wheels on Adobe Illustrator. I was able to learn how to trace and use handles to make a curve the way I wanted it. It gave me control over the fill and outline features.
I had to use layers and manipulate the arrangement of these layers in order to achieve this work. I also used the width tool in order to create the different thickness in the lines. I used a template and the eyedropper tools for the colors.
This was my cleanest work in illustrator. I started the work by tracing the outside of the character with a black fill and than using different layers and colors to create the details.


Created with images by Chraecker - "goat animal horns"

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