"Not poor, poor or extremely poor" January 2017

"How much need does there continue to be for Hope For Tomorrow Paks in Nicaragua?"

This is a question we made to several friends of the ministry and here was their answer...

"You couldn't possibly ever have enough Paks for the kids here in Nicaragua. I know of a family with 4 children, the eldest is 15 and he has only gone through second grade. He has been the caretaker of the siblings while the parents worked, but they could not afford to send all of the children to school. After some time we finally convinced the mom to let him and his brothers attend school if we paid for it." Courtney Scantlin, short-term missionary to Nicaragua. (Courtney and her family have been involved with Hope Paks Distributions for the past 5 years.)

"This village (Las Limas) is so far from anything. They need education, humanity and love", Courtney Scantlin
"With the changes in the requirements for the use of uniforms and governmental support for school attendance, is there still a need for Hope For Tomorrow Paks in Nicaragua?"

"According to the information that is reported for the country of Nicaragua by those who measure the poverty in the world, in spite of slight amounts of progress, the country is still the second poorest country in the Americas. it is classified as not poor, poor or extremely poor. The rural areas report 64% of the nations poverty and I am a witness to this poverty, having traveled to these areas of Nicaragua." this is a quote from Jerson Gonzalez, our field representative for the Hope For Tomorrow Pak Project

There is still so much to do to help children, but how can you help?

With your help we will be able to help more kids just like these that we met in the hills of Nicaragua. The Hope For Tomorrow Pak Project is about helping equip kids to go to school. It seems like such a small gift of a backpack and a uniform, but it's more than that. Each Pak is a way of saying, "you are important enough to attend school and you deserve a better life for yourself." It also gives each child a copy of God's word so that the first book they read can be the Good News of Jesus Christ. We do need your help, though. Your donations in 2107, just like for the past 10 years, will be used in their entirety to distribute Paks or to fund Pastor's Conferences throughout Latin America.

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