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In a sleep workshop I did last week, we talked about 'comforters', and how great they are for helping with transitions that your baby goes through. Once you've conditioned them, they're helpful for date night, for transition to nursery and for 'me' time, amongst other things.

A few days ago, I went to visit Tummy2Mummy in Hinckley - wow, are they great there?! Such a lovely, welcoming team who have some fantastic premises offering a range of great services. So I'm really pleased that I'll soon be offering my BabyCalm workshops from their classroom. Big comfy sofas, plenty of tea and coffee and a safe, cosy space for me and parents to talk about calming their crying baby, sleep, weaning and loads of other topics!!

From me to you...

Every month, I'm going to share with you something I've learned in the world of Psychology that I think you'll find interesting!

This month, I've been reading about Attachment Theory, mostly for my PhD study. Attachment Theory (which is not the same as Attachment Parenting) is a psychological theory about how we humans bond with our parents or caregivers. When we are born, we need lots of help (babies are so helpless, right?!) so we use attachment behaviours to keep our parents or caregivers close to us so that we get what we need. Clever hey? And what are our attachment behaviours? Well, it's things like crying, feeding lots (this goes with having a small tummy too) and screaming blue murder when we're not being held!!

And did you know that research on Attachment Theory also tells us that the more our needs are met when we're younger, the more likely we are to grow up and have healthy relationships with other humans. Lovely stuff.

This week I went to...

Hooray!! I'll now be running my workshops from The Exchange in Leicester! I'm so excited about this; The Exchange is such a lovely place, serving great coffee and food. Drinks will be provided throughout the workshop and you get reduced parking prices if you park in the Rutland Street NCP car park.

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