New football Rules, plan and things that might improve football at play time

This presentation is about what changes we can make to football at break times and lunch times


I am going to create new rules, and I'm going to give you ideas on how the old ones can stop being broken.

  • You are not aloud to take of your shoes. However me, as a person who also plays football, I know why people take of their shoes... It's because they don't have anything else to make goals with( like an actual 🥅 goals) So what I think should fix this problem is just either giving us goals(🥅) or giving us cones to replace our shoes.
  • 2 balls per year group. Some teachers might disagree, however sometimes when teachers say one ball per year group it just ruins the fun. And play time is to have fun. SO...
  • No hat, no play. Just imagine you're that person who forgets to bring their hat and can't play football now. So what I'll do, is I WILL bring 5-7 hats for those people who need one.

New football plan

This is how it should look when its break time and it's only year five and year six are On.
This is how it should look like when year five, year six and secondary are On.
And nothing needs to happen if the ball goes past the line.
This is how It should look like at lunCh time and year fivE,year six and the people that are playing with the equipmenT are on.
Also, don't forget that the shade area is also for people who use the quipment
This is how iT should look like when year five, year six, the people who are usoping the equipment and secondary are on.

Improvements that might make football more oranized

  • From now on, if anyone disobeys the rules, the teachers do not have to handle. I (Daniel Felipe Gutierrez, class 6D) will handle.
  • Cones or goals could be added.
  • This is kind of extra. If year five allows year six to play with their ball- ONLY IF year five let year six play with their ball ,year six can play with their ball. And vice versa.

IF you don't Want to add thse it's ok. And if you want to add some but moDified that's cool Too.


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