Appreciate moms By Miles hayford

This topic was very important to me. I chose to show how much we should appreciate our moms and what they do for us. Recently, my mom was called away to the Caribbean island of St.Croix to care for her ailing mother. I was without my mom for about a month so I came to really feel her absence. Because of that, I decided to document her absence and return to show how much your mom affects you and how you should appreciate them. For example, she already started helping around the house immediately after her return and this is something that cannot be unappreciated.

I photographed many different aspects of this event. I started by showing our dinner table that was slightly empty because of her. I showed my phone log to show that I called her many times, thus showing that I miss her. Once she returned, I photographed how excited my dad was to see her. He definitely missed her and appreciates her now more than ever. Even my dog was ecstatic to see her. I showed many photos of dad being happy that she is back home. I really wanted to highlight that appreciation. One of my best ones was him looking at her affectionately out of the corner of his eye. But, I also shot some photos of what she has already been doing since her return.After a month of caring for her ailing mother, less than 24 hours after she got back she already made us some cookies.

That’s just what moms do and we need to appreciate how much they do for us. Then on her first night back, she helped make dinner. After a long month of caring for her mother, she took no time to get back into the groove of helping this family.

The Hayford dinner table, usually set for three, is missing a setting for Dietre Hayford who has been absent since January 31st when she went to the Caribbean to care for her ailing mother. Lead Photo.
Miles Hayford's phone log shows recent calls with his mother Deitre Hayford during the month of February when she was away in the Caribbean. Her absence reminds the Hayford family what she means to them. Detail Photo.
Dietre Hayford returns home and embraces her husband in their kitchen. Patrick Hayford is realizing how much her absence affected him. Signature Photo.
The Hayford family dog, Bosco, expresses his excitement over Dietre Hayford’s return, by jumping on her lap to greet her. He joins in with his owner’s appreciation that she is home. Close-up Photo.
Less than twenty-four hours after her return, Dietre Hayford has baked some chocolate chip cookies for the Hayford Family to enjoy. Her family is realizing how much she should be appreciated. Detail Photo.
Still fresh off her return from taking care of her mother, Dietre Hayford continues to help around the house including making dinner for her family. Hayford pours some buttermilk to help make a sauce for dinner. Scene Photo.
Amongst her help around the house, Dietre Hayford is still doing that along with staying connected to the situation down in the Caribbean. Hayford is texting a family member who is taking care of her mother, displaying her multitasking skills. Portrait Photo.
A few hours after her return, Patrick Hayford gets to spend time with his wife just talking for the first time in awhile, and he smiles in appreciation. Signature Photo.
A few days after Dietre Hayford’s return, Patrick Hayford affectionately looks at his sleeping wife, now realizing how much she is appreciated by him and his family. Close-up Photo.
Patrick Hayford and his wife, Dietre Hayford, enjoy a nice family dinner, a pleasure they haven’t had since before she left. They are both appreciative of the simple pleasures like this. Clincher Photo.