Polyvinyl Chloride By: jesus a. Portillo

Question: What is its original form?

Answer: Polymerization and vinyl chloride. Plasticized polymers.

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Question: Describe a chemical change required to make the product?

Answer: Reacting ethylene with oxygen and hydrogen chloride over a copper catalyst.

Question: what is its final form?

Answer: Particles of PVC can be dispersed in plasticize in excess of the amount used to make plasticized PVC.

Question: How does it affect the environment?

Answer: Convergents, since a link between vinyl chloride monomers and cancer. Scrupulously controlled.

Question: What is it used for?

Answer: Rigid PVC is typical made into durable products such as window casing and home PVC bottles and containers.

Question: How has it impact society?

Answer: Been used since early- mid 20 century by making plastic.

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