Cuba con aves

Interesting and old fashioned, harsh but forgiving, Cuba is a country not to be missed. Searching for birds took up most of our days but all it took was a turn of your head to glimpse these other fleeting moments of Cuban life.

Police or military were not supposed to be photographed but I snapped a few candid shots when I could. Although, I see from the above shot, we were always being watched.

The people who work with their hands and backs in any country have always held high interest for me.

Stores with almost nothing to sell.

Politics and political signs "Siempre Fidel" were the only billboards that dotted the country

High emphasis placed on education for all. All the children we met had quick smiles and happy to pose for my camera

Kids are drawn to Sallie as she is to them

Tobacco Barn

The country life

Overpass to nowwhere- thanks to the "Special Period"

So many ways of getting around

I LOVED the dog on top of this house!

City life viewed from the bus

Man with chicken

Oh Yeah! The Cars....

Bay of Pigs area
Playa Pillar


Looking for Mangrove Cuckoo in all places
The Caves where Che hid during the revolution

After spending 10 minutes in Havana, I realized I needed days to really see this city. Not to be this trip but happy for what I saw.

Art everywhere

I think this little girl's expression sums up the Cuba trip for me. What an adventure! So happy to have shared it with you.

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