Household Acid-Base Lab By: bella and lexy

Substance- Ketchup. Description- Red, thick, smooth liquid. Rated 5, Acid
Substance- Olive Oil. Description- light green, slippery liquid. Rated 6, Acid.
Substance- Cayenne Hot Drops. Description- Red, orange, slightly thick liquid. Rated 3, Acid.
Substance- Apple Cider Vinegar. Description- Strong smelling, yellow liquid. Rated 2, Acid.
Substance- Lemon Juice. Description- orange/ yellow liquid. Rated 2, Acid.
Substance- Lemon Lime Gatorade. Description- Bright green/yellow watery liquid. Rated 5, Acid.
Substance- Stomach Relief. Description- Pink, thick liquid. Rated 7, Neutral.
Substance- Borax. Description- Crystal at bottom, almost transparent. Rated 10, Base.
Substance- Chocolate Milk. Description- Brown, sweet liquid. Rated 8, Base.
Substance- Hummingbird Nectar. Description- Red liquid, watery. Rated 4, Acid.
Substance- Pin-Sol. Description- Purple, strong smelling liquid. Rated 10, Base.
Substance- Taco Bell Hot Sauce. Description- Red, chunky. Rated 6, Acid.
Substance- Shaving Cream. Description- Bubbly stiff liquid. Rated 8, Base.
Substance- AquaSafe Plus. Description- Almost clear, slightly yellow. Rated 9, Base.
Substance- Vaseline Lotion. Description- Thick, tan creamy. Rated 7, Neutral.


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