Oceans by: justin attar

Salt water do not drink

Sea water is not good for you. Salt water can kill you because their is no clean water in the ocean. If you drink lots of salt water it causes dehydration. If it causes dehydration then that means you are going to die.

Why the oceans important to life on earth?

The ocean is important to earth because this is 97% of water. 3% of the 97% is fresh water. If we do not have fresh water then we would all be dead. There is only 3% of fresh water because most of the water is salt water. Salt water is transformed into fresh water and fresh water we can drink.

How ocean currents related to the earth's climate?

Ocean currents are related to earth's climate because it counteract any uneven distribution by any of the suns radiation.

Zones of the ocean

There are 4 zones from the ocean. They are epipelagic, mesopelagic, and bathypelagic and the sunlit zone. The epipelagic zone is on top, mesopelagic zone is under epipelagic, bathypelagic zone is under the mesopelagic zone and the sunlit zone is the sun.

Pressure temperature and ocean depth

When the pressure is low the temperature is warm. When the pressure is high the temperature is cold.

Uses we used for the oceans
  1. Google
  2. Ocean pressure http://oceanservice.noaa.gov/facts/pressure.html
  3. Notes


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