Work Day 5 Modelling and rigging practice

So because I knew that different parts of my robot model would end up having mesh pieces that required weighted bone rigging, rather than simple bone rigging, I wanted to get some practice in modelling and rigging a character that didn't use simple bone parenting for the rig. Although a lot of the more metallic pieces on MIRA would only work bone rigged, the neck and maybe some joint covers would be a bendable metallic sheeting, almost a chain mail material, so I'd need to make them move with the rest of the model, hence the reason for this practice!

To do so, I decided to make a model based off of a friend's character species, called Time spirits, with a few proportional adjustments to allow for easier view of bended character parts. (thicker arms and hands, legs, etc). Using this character which is completely weighted aside from the scarf made it very easy to test out my rigging skills.

To streamline this work post, I actually created an entire instructable about my work this morning! A friend of mine asked for some rigging tips so I decided an Instructable would be the best way to show them, and it has a ton of pictures showing the process. I'll post a few here too though!

various pictures from my rigging Instructable!

The main point of this rig was to test out bending the limbs and neck of an avatar, and as you can see from this image, even just automatic weights look great on him!

And now that I've had plenty of practice, it's time to continue on Mira and begin her Head model and neck!

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