Community Safety News February 2020 EDITION

The Community Safety Newsletter aims to keep residents informed about what the Community Safety Partnership has been involved with in Chiltern and South Bucks districts in the last month.

New Safer Buckinghamshire Community Safety Partnership

Thank you to everyone who took the time to complete and share the new Safer Buckinghamshire Community Safety Partnership survey. All feedback will be reviewed and will help shape the priorities for next year.

Catalytic Converter Theft

Catalytic converter thefts have recently increased due to the value of precious metals within the converter itself. We are encouraging residents to take the precautions below to help reduce the chances of becoming a victim of catalytic converter theft.

The most targeted vehicles (depending on model & year) are: Toyota Prius, Toyota Auris, Honda Jazz and Lexus RX400. Manufacturers are working to reduce the risk of such thefts by relocating the catalytic converters to the engine bays rather than under the vehicle, however older models will remain vulnerable.

Protect your vehicle:

  • When possible park vehicles in garages
  • Park in busy well-lit areas
  • Block high clearance vehicles by walls or hedges to prevent access to the underneath of the vehicle
  • Security lighting can make vehicles more visible, improving natural surveillance
  • Install CCTV to cover parking areas
  • Consider property marking or securing a security cage or clamp
  • Look out for people working under cars

We are currently organising catalytic converter engraving events in Chiltern and South Bucks. Event details will be circulated once finalised.

Have Your Say

To give residents the opportunity to raise any issues or concerns within their community the Chiltern and South Bucks Neighbourhood Policing Teams hold regular Have Your Say events. During February we joined the local Neighbourhood Teams at the following Have Your Says:

  • Wednesday 5th February - Cliveden Gages, Taplow
  • Wednesday 12th February - Great Missenden Library
  • Thursday 13th February - Market Hall, Old Amersham

To find out when and where the next 'Have Your Say' will be in your area take a look at the following website: Police UK

Audley Homes

On Wednesday 5th February we visited Audley Homes, Chalfont St Peter with local PCSO Jen Shraga. We gave residents lots of crime reduction advice, safety tips and scam advice. The morning was well attended and residents took away lots of handy leaflets and freebies; such as purse bells and timer switches.

True Costs

Thames Valley Police launched the 'True Costs' campaign back in December to highlight the real impact of drug offences on the most vulnerable in our communities.

On 6th February Thames Valley Police held an online Q&A session to provide the public with an opportunity to ask any questions about the impacts of casual cocaine use in the Thames Valley area. An overview of what was discussed can be found here:ย TrueCosts Q&A

Scam Talks

This month we visited two Bucks Mind Groups to deliver scam talks. Both sessions were really interactive and were well received by the members. We spoke about current scams, what to look out for, who to report scams to and much more. Members were also reminded of the Safe Place Scheme and were given other tips on home security and personal safety.

  • Friday 7th February - Social and Wellbeing Group - Sun House, Chesham
  • Tuesday 24th February - Lanterns Group - Gold Hill Baptist Church, Chalfont St Peter

Safer Internet Day

Tuesday 11th February was Safer Internet Day - a day aimed to inspire a national conversation about using technology responsibly, respectfully, critically and creatively.

To help promote the safe and positive use of digital technology for children and young people we circulated information to Chiltern and South Bucks staff members and also via our social media channels.

If you would like more information on this topic visit the Safer Internet Day website - Safer Internet Day Website

Money Sense Workshop

On 17th February we went along to a Money Sense Workshop organised by NatWest Community Banker, Sarah Thompson. The workshop was well attended and the children went away with a NatWest goody bag along with bike marking labels and high-vis wrist bands.

If you missed out don't worry! We have scheduled another workshop in for April - see poster below.

Operation Gauntlet

Operation Gauntlet was set up by Thames Valley Police to raise awareness of telephone scams. We went along to a Senior Coffee Morning in Iver on Friday 21st February with DS Krista Thompson, TVP and Aldo Simone, Trading Standards to give a scams presentation. After the presentation we spoke to individuals whilst they enjoyed their lunch. Lots of advice was given and members shared their own experiences.

Attending social groups within our communities is a great way to get people talking openly about scams and we hope the residents we saw in Iver will go on to share some of the information and tips to their families and friends.

If you are interested in a scams talk contact us for more information at: Communitysafety@chilternandsouthbucks.gov.uk or on: 01494 586535.

Chiltern Community Forum

Community Forums bring together the police, members of the public, partners, stakeholders and community groups, enabling us to work together to solve issues in our communities and to set the neighbourhood policing priorities for the next quarter.

On Tuesday 25th February the Chiltern Community Forum was held at Chalfont St Peter Parish Council Offices. The neighbourhood policing priorities were discussed and set as:

  1. Residential Burglary
  2. Anti-Social Behaviour
  3. Drug Dealing

Neighbourhood Watch

We've had a busy month with Neighbourhood Watch; new signs being sent out, new schemes being set up and replacement Coordinators taking over existing schemes. David Alder, MSA & Chiltern Area NHW Coordinator and Jane Brown, MSA & Iver Heath Area NHW Coordinator have provided us with the following updates.

Chiltern Area

  • Lanewood Close, Amersham - New NHW Scheme
  • Deanway, Chalfont St Peter - New NHW Scheme
  • Hedgerow, Chalfont St Peter - New NHW Scheme
  • Holmer Green Village, Holmer Green - New NHW Scheme
  • Weedon Lane, Chesham Bois - Replacement Coordinator
  • Burtons Lane, Little Chalfont - Replacement Coordinator
  • Foxdell Way, Chalfont St Peter - Replacement Coordinator
  • The Lagger, Chalfont St Giles - Replacement Coordinator
  • Cherry Tree Lane, Chalfont St Peter - Replacement Coordinator

South Bucks Area

Jane Brown, has recently made a great new contact and expanded her NHW network by meeting Mabu, the new Multi Scheme Administrator for Slough local policing area.

Jane has also been working on the Smartville CCTV Project and they will be shortly launching a facebook page. Jane has received the statement below from Sergeant Antony Mee:

''Smartville is a fantastic project and a great example of the community working together to reduce crime and increase safety in our towns and villages. The use of ANPR and CCTV cameras to solve and deter crime is proven and the proposed system will be of great assistance to our officers when investigating crimes in the local area. I know that the team behind this project have worked hard to pull together the necessary skills, equipment and knowledge to get this off the ground and having named contacts who understand the camera system is a huge advantage to us. As a community project, Smartville will help gather the information to review the footage and establish whether there is anything available that can assist with our investigation. This project will be of assistance to Thames Valley Police as well as the community and I am excited to see how this progresses''.

Neighbourhood Policing Newsletters

The Neighbourhood Policing Teams produce quarterly updates to keep residents informed of what has been going on locally. The following newsletters are now available to view:


Home Safety Check

Our day to day lives can be very busy but ensuring our properties are secure before setting off for the day can help deter thieves. Here's a few simple but effective tips:

  1. Keep valuables out of sight
  2. Shut and lock all windows, doors and side gates
  3. Keep spare keys out of reach from windows and doors
  4. If you are going to be out all day leave a light on or use a timer switch
  5. Store tools and ladders in a locked shed
  6. Set any alarms


Sexual Assault & Abuse Support Service

If you would like more information and advice from the Community Safety Team please contact us at CommunitySafety@chilternandsouthbucks.gov.uk or on 01494 586535

Thank you for reading!

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