Compassion Where it Counts VON Week | May 23 - 29, 2021

Every year, VON Week provides us an opportunity to raise VON’s profile in the communities we serve. This year, we will celebrate all of our incredible staff and volunteers, and their willingness to take action and help those who need it, during the pandemic especially, and long before.

For more than 120 years, the VON team has been providing care and compassion to clients in their homes and community settings. For many, these essential services are a lifeline – they really count.

Thousands of VON staff and volunteers on the front lines and behind the scenes work hard to provide clients the best and safest care possible, and put their heart and soul in to their work every day.

This year, VON Week will celebrate, support and encourage VON staff and volunteers as we recognize our colleagues for their courageous, caring spirit.

Join the celebration by participating in any of our VON Week calendar events below, or, join the conversation online by following VON on social media.


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This campaign toolkit provides suggestions for VON Week activities, as well as public relations material that can be customized for local VON Week plans and programs. It also contains links to proclamation, press release and PSA templates, VON videos and more!

VON Week 2020 Lighting and Flag Raising


All photos were taken by Richard Lautens, 2020. Not to be used without permission.