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🌸PUMPS & PASSPORTS™ Women's Social Group is committed to providing opportunities to socially interact in a safe, supportive environment conducive to building sisterhood. Due to requests within our community, we are seeking members who want to JOIN OUR TEAM and host local Meetups. Our Meetup Social Events are fun and engaging opportunities to meet for Brunch, Dinner & Movie, Bowling, Dinner Parties, Happy Hour, Escape Rooms, Makeover Parties, Concerts & Comedy Shows, Sporting Events, Spoken Word, Shopping Trips, Walking Groups, 5K Races, Sip & Paint, Seminars, Conferences, Retreats and Day Trips and there is so much more we hear you want to do! So let's keep the good times going and see how you can play an integral part.

We will install Organizers where we are planted at the moment (Nashville, Memphis, Atlanta, Houston, Dallas, Chicago, Washington, DC, St. Louis, Detroit, and Charlotte) with anticipation of adding requested cities by the end of the year.

  • Do you enjoy planning and organizing social activities and making sure everyone has a good time?
  • Do you have things you would like do or places you would like to go but don't have anyone to go with you?
  • Are you reliable to commit to what you say you will do?

Well, forget about sitting home waiting for your "other friends". PUMPS & PASSPORTS™ Empresses are always looking for fun things to do and places to go. So, if you have a passion for celebrating sisterhood, are dedicated and committed, possess leadership skills (or want to) and desire to socially connect and engage, this might be your jam! If you are in one of our cities, check out the responsibilities to see if it might be a match.

  • 🌸Serve as a 'face' of the PUMPS & PASSPORTS™ brand, represent the lifestyle and serve as the engine that powers the group and positively supports its reputation.
  • 🌸Commit to plan, execute and host a fun, member-interactive Meetup Social at least once per quarter to create opportunities to socialize within our Meetup community.
  • 🌸Keep Meetup Socials fun and consistent, onboard new members to connect and engage, and foster an atmosphere to empower women to socialize regularly within the group.
  • 🌸Recommend Socials, outings, day trips, special events and other recreation & entertainment.
  • 🌸Share information about the social group and direct them to additional trips and retreats info.
  • 🌸Solicit suggestions, recommendations & feedback about future Meetup Socials from members.
  • 🌸Ensure that all Meetup participants are registered members who meet the membership criteria.
  • 🌸Strictly adhere to the group's Mission and Standards of Conduct and executive the Zero Tolerance guideline for unhealthy interaction and detractors in the group.
  • 🌸Help build a positive community and culture of social interaction, safety and well-being for members.
  • 🌸Capture photos / videos during your designated Social event for the social media posting.
  • 🌸Maintain the confidentiality of information pertaining to the group and not misuse such information.
  • 🌸Truthfully complete group Meetup activity reports for every Social that you host.
  • 🌸Manage the assigned debit card to charge expenses.
  • 🌸High-energy, enthusiastic, sense of humor, self-confident and motivated, detail-oriented and well organized with a demonstrated personal desire to achieve the mission of the group.
  • 🌸Demonstrated Technological Proficiency - Must have fully operational smartphone with enabled international capabilities and effective with various communications including Meetup app, mobile group messaging app and video conference apps.
  • 🌸Able to listen, communicate, remain calm and interact with members of various life status, socioeconomic backgrounds and especially temperaments, personalities and behaviors.
  • 🌸Strong organization and public speaking skills.
  • 🌸Maintain an active PUMPS & PASSPORTS™ Meetup profile with a current photo.
  • 🌸Follow the PUMPS & PASSPORTS™ Facebook / Instagram page.
  • 🌸Be dedicated, committed, enthusiastic, engaging and reliable to what you say you will do.
  • 🌸Communicate effectively and respectfully with a broad group of personality types.
  • 🌸Bring a positive attitude and energy to the EVENT HOST experience.
  • 🌸Experience organizing events and leading adult groups outside of a 9-5 is a big + but not required.
  • 🌸Unable to work with any other Meetup / social / travel group either directly or indirectly in similar capacity.
  • 🌸We're not for everyone! Sorry! Whiners, complainers, negative talkers, smokers, those who cannot control their alcohol, cannot pay another woman a compliment, not in a good place emotionally, with hidden agendas and travel agents need not apply! We've got the t-shirt! 😱

🌸This is not full-time employment position. Preference will be given to active Meetup members, members who have previously traveled with the group and understand the culture, mission and vision of the group. If you are not a Meetup member in your city, we highly encourage you to join. Meetup Organizers will sign a no-solicitation/non-compete agreement.

  • 🌸Personalized recognition with a BIO profile on the PUMPS & PASSPORTS™ Organizer web page.
  • 🌸Opportunity to become a leader in your regional Meetup community.
  • 🌸Sharpen your leadership, organizational and professionals skills to build your resume.
  • 🌸Cultivate a community of like-minded empowered women within your region who want to connect and engage.
  • 🌸Complimentary admission to any Social you organize.
  • 🌸Exclusive access to the Facebook Group /GroupMe page for PUMPS & PASSPORTS™ Organizers.
  • 🌸Leadership training from PUMPS & PASSPORTS™ Officers on Organizer responsibilities.
  • 🌸Discount on any retreat or trip, domestic & international hosted by PUMPS & PASSPORTS™.
  • 🌸PUMPS & PASSPORTS™ labeled Swag....apparel, gear and promotional items.

🌸Submit your resume (include all leadership, event planning and travel industry related experience) along with a short 1-5 minute video introduction of yourself by email. Enter "2020 Trip Leaders" in the email subject line.


🌸Your video MUST be privately uploaded to Vimeo or YouTube with a link (with password) provided to us in your email. Do not reference the PUMPS & PASSPORTS™ brand in the title of your video.

🌸Submit the information to Support @ PumpsAndPassports.com (no spaces). PUMPS & PASSPORTS™ will contact you should we be interested in speaking with you and will provide you with our logistics information. We especially thank you for your interest. Please do not dial the office or email us to confirm receipt of your correspondence or receive update on your status as this will result in disqualification.

Meetup Information Sessions or Live Interview Dates 🌸

NO SOLICITATION/DISTRIBUTION - Solicitation for funds, donations, and signatures or requesting money, support or participation for products, services, groups, organizations or causes in any form which are unrelated to PUMPS & PASSPORTS™ for any purpose is strictly prohibited at our Social Events. Distribution of any materials for anything unrelated to PUMPS & PASSPORTS™ for any purpose is strictly prohibited. Organizers will sign a non-solicitation agreement. PUMPS & PASSPORTS™ does not accept payments or money of any form during PUMPS & PASSPORTS™ Social Events. NO SMOKING - PUMPS & PASSPORTS™ has a strict No Smoking Policy.

🌸Since 2014, PUMPS & PASSPORTS™ has been hosting Events for professional women over 40 to connect and engage around common interests and activities in a social atmosphere. We celebrate opportunities for women to practice self-care by taking time to relax and escape to unique destinations around the world that inspire personal growth and lasting friendships. You should join us. #BecauseYouDeserveIt

🌸 Pumps & Passports Society 🌸

5016 Centennial Blvd, Suite 200

Nashville, TN 37209

(888) 367-9543

Email: Support@PumpsAndPassports.com

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