Mexican Cession 1848

The Mexican cession was in 1848 and it was the third largest territory in the U.S and if you were wondering who was the largest and it was Louisiana Purchase and there territory was 827,000 sq. miles. People from the war wanted the Mexican territory and the people in the war there goal was to get the Mexican territory.

After Texas was joined in the United states and won the Independence a decade earlier. The fighting between Texas and the Mexican cession continue for more than a year but then finally ended in September 1847.

The Mexican cession of 1848 refers as the ceded or give up power and territory by Mexico which had ended the Mexican American War. And soon all of that territory became California, Nevada, Utah and a little bit of Arizona. In February 1848 the two countries sighed the treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo. Hidalgo ended the war (1846- 1848) and the two countries were Mexico and U.S. Once the treaty was sighed on February 2, 1848 the Mexico cession gave the U.S 500,000 square miles of territory which was on the Southwest of the United States.

FACT: Treaty aloud Mexicans that were in the U.S become citizens for the U.S and keep their land.

The phrase "Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo" was entitled Treaty of peace, friendship, limits, and peace between the United states and the Mexican republic. All of this ment that the Mexicans had to give up land to the United States including Texas. Texas wanted to be a independence state but that never happened instead they got moved to the U.S.

Mexico did there best to defeat Texas and even tho they didn't succeed they still have there country.

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