Middle Colonies Hyder D.

Middle Colonies, We Got Philly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reasons For Founding

The Middle Colonies were founded for reasons such as religious freedom, money and being kicked out of other colonies.


  • Longer growing season
  • good soil
  • iron, copper and other medals
  • deep harbor
  • Lot's of rivers

Which Means if you move here you don't have to worry about to much dead crops and you can keep your ship with you, you can even live by in a lake house! Now who dos'ent want that.

Map Of Middle Colonies area


  • Shipping
  • Trading
  • Farming
  • Sailing
  • Mining
  • Trapping
  • Lumbering
  • Merchant

Move Here and you can make the big bucks and live the good life. Plus there's lots of job options!!

Just live here already

The Big Reason to move here

Here in the middle colonies we take great care of our people. Take Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with it's organized streets, with lights to guide your way in the dark, we have a fair ecosystem for all. No matter your white or black, Quaker of any other religion your treated fairly with rights. We even have our beloved citizen Benjamin Franklin. So pack your bags and get on a plane to the Middle Colonies.

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Hyder D


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