Achieving the Extraordinary Far From Ordinary

Message from the Head of School

It should come as no surprise that, as a child, I loved school. In fact, I’ve been attending school every year for a half-century now. One of the things I love most about school is the comfort of community and predictability. As a creature of habit, I gained confidence and competence knowing what to expect each day, as well as what was expected of me.

This past spring, the confidence of predictability dissolved for schooling at CH-CH, across the nation and, indeed, around the world. The global health pandemic fundamentally shifted the modus operandi of education and pedagogy. Pivoting quickly to a 100% remote learning environment, our educators and students alike learned to be patient, nimble and empathic. We embraced a growth mindset over the final nine-week trimester of the academic year, a year of challenge and change.

While classes concluded on the final Friday of May, we delayed the formal Commencement Exercises for the Class of 2020 until early August, allowing us enough time to prepare for an intimate outdoor event that met the many health and safety protocols and guidelines established by the Commonwealth. As seen on the cover, the pomp and circumstance of the day was truly joyous and the celebration of our fine graduates was never more satisfying. We wished these resilient young alumni all the best as they embarked to face an ever-changing world. We prepared them well for success.

At the same time, we pivoted to usher in a new school year that began with a universal round of COVID-19 testing for every student, teacher, staff member and residential family member at CH-CH. It’s a year marked by the constant presence of face-coverings, physical distancing and increased sanitization, but also the absence of our residential life program as our dormitories remain vacant of students. With 80% of our students attending in-person classes on campus, our non-local boarding students and a couple members of our teaching faculty continue to remotely engage in teaching and learning from their homes across the globe.

The CH-CH synchronous hybrid, or blended, learning model continues to present great challenges while, at the same time, offering tremendous opportunities for innovative, creative approaches to pedagogy and performance. Our teachers and students rise to the challenge daily, with the understanding that this is but a temporary landscape that envelopes us.

As we demonstrate the power to persevere this school year, we also understand that the confidence of predictability will return to campus and schooling in due course. Until that time, our Chargers will indeed charge forward with as much confidence, resiliency, and empathy we can muster during these challenging times. As a part of the extended CH-CH community, I hope you will continue to support us in our Herculean efforts as best you can. We’re in this together.

Be well,

Lance Conrad, Ed.D.

Head of School

Your Generosity Making an Impact:

Your generosity allows us to make the extra investments needed to transform campus to safely host students during the pandemic. This has included expanding outdoor teaching spaces, adding sanitizing equipment, and renovating the dining services.

Profiles of Volunteer Leadership at CH-CH:

Bringing perspective during challenging times

By: Leslie Jacobson Kaye, Chief Advancement Officer P’20

This year, our dynamic volunteer leaders are using their time and passion to delicately help navigate the complex times that we currently live in. As parents of CH-CH alumni, each of them share their personal history with the School as a catalyst to making sure that the successes that their own students enjoyed are passed on to current and future CH-CH students, no matter the obstacles.

B.J. Rudman (Former Board Chair; Current Trustee)

As B.J. looks back at his time as Board Chair from 2015-2020, he feels most proud of his ability to enable more Trustees to engage through Board committee work. He saw this as a way to highlight the individual expertise and talents of the Board members, resulting in stronger committees. He led a Board where personal investment was appreciated. As a consensus-building Chair, B.J. achieved his goal of getting more people to express their views and to engage in strategic discussion.

CH-CH is a jewel of a school, with a strong educational core within an empathic community.

B.J. feels strongly that the School is well-positioned to address current challenges because of its strong, innovative staff and school leadership, and exceptional educational programs (including health & wellness, social-emotional support, and community building). He is proud to be part of a talented group of Trustees who serve as a helpful resource and sounding board to School leadership and provide guidance as appropriate.

Charlotte Merrell (Current Board Chair)

In her new role as Board Chair, Charlotte’s number one priority is to further secure CH-CH’s long-term sustainability to serve students for generations to come. That means ensuring that our offerings continue to attract new students, that the School’s outreach engages more alumni, and that the culture supports diversity, equity, inclusion, and wellness while welcoming students from all walks of life. She is also focused on providing the resources needed for the dedicated faculty, continuing to build our endowment, and supporting our school leaders with a talented and dedicated board.

Our faculty is creative, committed, and flexible, able to use technology in innovative ways, and determined to keep CH-CH’s core tenets of community, opportunity, relationships, and empathy at the forefront.

CH-CH has demonstrated that it is uniquely poised to take on the unprecedented challenges of delivering on our mission in a pandemic and amidst the social awareness brought about by the Black Lives Matter Movement. The School’s leadership is able to support faculty and students, listen to different perspectives, and sift through an abundance of information to steer the School through the many new decisions that are required in these times. We are blessed with small classes, 40+ acres, experienced leadership, and a dedicated community, which makes implementing new protocols and shifting direction on short notice more achievable at a school like CH-CH than at other schools. It is indeed a challenge, but one that CH-CH has embraced.

Deb Mankiw (Current Board Vice-Chair)

Deb views her eight years on the Board as a time of tremendous growth for both the Board and School leadership. School leaders, most notably Lance Conrad, work closely with the Board, as they discuss school priorities, explore new opportunities, and meet new challenges. She looks forward to seeing that strong relationship continue. She believes it has truly helped the School grow and evolve through an ever-changing educational landscape.

There is substantial expertise on the CH-CH Board to draw from in these challenging times.

From her perspective, the fundamental duty of the Board is to ensure the financial stability of the School now and into the future. She has seen a number of societal issues challenge the School to engage and adapt, from the COVID pandemic to the increased societal understanding of the impact of systemic racism. CH-CH benefits from having a compelling mission, small size, and flexibility. The strong relationship among School leadership, faculty, and trustees will help to meet these challenges.

CH-CH Board of Trustees

Rhonda Bentley-Lewis P’19 | Chuck Black P’10 | John Buten P’23 | Laura Cabot Carrigan P’19 | Silvina Choumenkovitch P’21 | David Cohen ‘70 | Francesca Collina P’21 | Charlie Evangelakos P’19 | Ben Giess P’17, treasurer | Mark Hardmon P’09, P’18 | Alden Harrington | Babu Krishnamurthy P’18 | Todd Lemke P’15 | Chenggang Liu P’20 | Deb Mankiw P’13, vice chair | Charlotte Merrell P’10, chair | Tom Mulvehill P’10, P’12, clerk | Kim Ridley | B.J. Rudman P’08 | Bill Ryan P’02, P’06 | Kim Sciacca P’16, P’19 | Dan Strachman ‘89 | Rich Testa P’21 | Jenilee Ward P’18, P’20 | Jeff Wolk P’22, P'22

Your Generosity Making an Impact

Your generosity allowed the Class of 2020 to have the memorable graduation that they deserved.

Thank you for Supporting CH-CH's Mission

As current Chair of the Development Committee, a longtime member of the Board of Trustees, and a parent of an alumna, I want to start by thanking you for contributing to the Annual Fund and the completion of the capital campaign Building Creativity: The Campaign for the Arts. The entire CH-CH community benefits from your commitments to the School.

The Annual Fund serves to help offset expenses for important programs and initiatives including:

  • Financial Aid
  • Faculty Professional Development
  • Student Life Programming

As you’ll see from the following donor listing, our supporters span the entire CH-CH family, including current parents, alumni, parents of alumni, grandparents, staff, faculty, Trustees, members of the Board of Advisors, foundations, and friends.

Our dedicated Advancement team would not be successful without the many extraordinary volunteers who serve on the Parent and Guardian Association (PGA), Alumni Council, Board of Advisors, Trustees, and those that give back as ambassadors across the globe and also at our many fundraising events.

As we move through this new fiscal year, our focus is on the following additional important initiatives:

  • COVID-19 Health & Safety Measures
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
  • Health & Wellness

Again, we thank you for your past gifts and ask you to continue to support the extraordinary mission and community at CH-CH.

Chuck Black, P’10, Trustee

2019-2020 Donor Report

We would like to recognize the following members of the CH-CH Community, whose generosity continues to make an impact during this crucial time.

*Indicates Charger Champion - denotes 5+ consecutive years of giving. Lists by alphabetical order. Photos from the 2020 CH-CH Commencement Ceremony.

Gifts of $25,000+

Nick and Silvina Choumenkovitch P'21

Jeff and Marla Wolk P'22, P'22

Gifts from $10,000 - $24,999

Chuck and Wendy Black P'10* I Joe and Susan Cannistraro P'22 I Guy and Sally Davidson P'21 I Anne Grape P'21 I Tom and Mary Grape P'21 I Greg and Deb Mankiw P'13* I Jeffrey and Linda Morgan P'21 I Bernie Regenauer and Maura Shaughnessy P'21 I Ralph '72 and Stacey Sevinor* I Won Seok Song and Ju Yeon Soh P'21 I Bob and Jenilee Ward P'18, P'20*

Gifts from $5,000 - $9,999

Ben and Cathy Giess P'17* I Yong Gang He and Yan Yang P'23 I Jon Hirschtick P'19 and Randy Gollub I Wentao Huang and Lin Lin Huang P'20 I Xiaohui Liu and Xiaomei Xiong P'21 I Peter and Charlotte Merrell P'10* I Rony and Sharon Shapiro P'21 I Xiaole Sun and Jianying Li P'21

Gifts from $2,500 - $4,999

Chris and Laura Carrigan P'19 I Delphi Construction Inc. I Sally Dungan P'20 I Charles Dunne and Elizabeth Lenart P'19* I David Grayzel and Courtney Dickinson P'20 I Alden Harrington* I Kin Y. Kan P'18, P'20 I John and Ann-Mara Lanza P'21 I Todd and Sheila Lemke P'15* I John and Suzanne Loonie P'17* I Mark and Gayle Namchuk P'19 I Gene (Chauncy Hall '55) and Corinne Reppucci* I B.J. Rudman and Lisa Boodman P'08* I Rick and Kim Sciacca P'16, P'19* I Eric Thorgerson and Elizabeth Foote*

Gifts from $1,000 - $2,499

Dick and Margaret Allen P'93, P'95* I Greg and Julie Auclair P'21 I Rhonda Bentley-Lewis P'19 I John Buten and Sarah Di Troia P'23 I Ram Chavali and Babu Krishnamurthy P'18 I Jim and Bev Clements I Timothy and Michelle Codrington P'21 I David (Chauncy Hall '70) and Patricia Cohen* I Andrew and Francesca Collina P'21 I Peter and Anna Colton P'11 I Lance and Sarah Conrad* I Dale and Nancy Donchin P'09* I Mark and Maura Epstein P'22 I Charlie and Peggy Evangelakos P'19* I Eric and Amelia Fedyk P'21 I Marc and Libby Firenze P'19 I Joel Friedman and Caren Fishman P'21 I Eric and Kim Giler P'08 I Neal and Laurie Gold P'20 I John Griffin and Jean McGeary P'23 I Mark and Yvette Hardmon P'09, P'18 I Robert and Macie Himmel P'22 I Richard Kaye and Leslie Jacobson Kaye P'20 I Elizabeth Kamio P'21 I Sabra Katz P'21 I David and Claire Khougazian P'23 I Peter Kochansky and Lauren Dias P'23 I Cliff Krauss and Ann Whittaker P'15 I Shufang Li P'20 I Chenggang Liu and Shujing Zou P'20 I Wei Liu and Kun Wang P'20 I Mancheng Lu and Yijin Qiu P'22 I Yang Luo and Zhuhua Wang P'20 I John McGinty '97* I Arcilio Moura and Marianne Lancaster P'21 I Tom and Brenda Mulvehill P'10, P'12* I Michael and Sherri Murphy P'20 I Mike and Randa Pehl P'09* I Philip (Chauncy Hall '62) and Laurie Perkins* I Gwen Pojasek* I Scott '97 and Ilana Prenovitz* I John and Virginia Ritchie* I Todd Rothenhaus P'17* I Bill and Ann Ryan P'02, P'06* I Valenty Soroka and Pamela Simmonds P'23 I Dan '89 and Felice Strachman* I Roberta Swerling GP'20 I Rich and Christine Testa P'21 I Charles and Susan Tevnan P'21 I Binhui Ye and Weihong Li P'22 I Cheng Zhiqiang and Xu Wei P'20 I Anonymous (2)

Gifts from $500 - $999

Victor Chin and Stella Lee P'22 I Xihua Chou P'20 I Rich and Brooke Collier P'21 I David Giller P'12 I Phil Goss '85 I Gary Heller '10* I Lorrelle Hrul P'21 I M. Howard and Frances Jacobson P'89, GP'20 I Hans and Barbara Keil P'21 I Steven and Sonja Loar P'14* I JB Lyon and Kim Syman P'22 I Matt and Felicia Murphy P'22 I Christopher and Shelagh O'Brien P'23 I Rockland Trust Charitable Foundation I Daniel Rosen and Dena Sacco P'22 I Jeff Singal '85 I Xiaobing Sun and Liqin Weng P'20 I Frederick Tirrell I Bo Yang and Yuqi Yi P'23

Gifts up to $499

Steve Abramowitz '89 I Chris Abrams I Rob Adelson (Huntington '70) I Max Allen '13 I John Allen I AmazonSmile.Org.* I Kasey American Horse I Jon Andruchow* I Andy and Kristi Armstrong P'22 I Jimmy Ayers '87 I Kenneth Babcock (Huntington '62)* I Drew Babitts '99* I Scott and Katherine Babitts P'99* I Kyungtae Bae '09 I Will Bailey* I Ashley Balaconis* I Amy Ballentine Stevens* I Darelle Banks and Alana Johnson P'23 I Jim Barrett I David and Stacey Batista P'22 I Jim Bellanca* I Gerry and Rachel Benson P'23 I Sandra Bittenbender P'97 I Jonah Boucher I Marcel Boule '00 I Will Brown '97 I Josh Bubar* I William Burdick (Chauncy Hall '64) I Don and Mamie Burdick GP'23 I Kyle and Dayle Burke P'20 I Mary Ann Burnside I Don Callahan and Susan Dayno P'18* I Melinda Camara P'20 I Carla Camara I Emily Carrigan '19 I Russell Carter '13 I Ralph Chadis (Chauncy Hall '64) I Bill Chosiad and Rena Baskin P'23 I Steven Christenson* I Kerk and Simone Clarke P'23 I Peter Converse '83 I Kathy Cook (Chapel Hill '64) I Jennie Cooke* I Lynn Cooper P'98 I Jim and Ellen Corduck GP'20 I James Costigan '10 I Reiner Courant and Jan Connery P'09 I Ben Cowen-Whitman '14 I Sean Daly I Mike Daniels* I Stephanie Daniels* I Ben and Sara Dash P'21 I Ty DeWitt '14 I Cassandra Dinkel I Maeve Doolan* I Despina Doulos-Ayers P'87 I Mimi Dumbuya '10* I Elana Epstein I Hobart and Sandra Fairbank P'05 I Samuel and Gail Feitelberg P'88 I Gordon Fellman and Pamela Blau P'22 I Caroline Finamore '13* I Brooke Fincke* I Angelo and Wega Firenze GP'19 I Justin Fleming I Patrick and Katie Fortin P'21 I Richard and Elizabeth Fortin GP'21 I Ann Gallup P'83* I Ryan Gates '98* I Ethel Getz (Chapel Hill '71) I Bill Gilson I Denise Goguen* I Joao and Olga Gomes P17, P'20 I Ken Goodwin (Chauncy Hall '63)* I Bill Gostylo* I Matt Grant and Emily Rubin P'17, P'21 I Alan and Elizabeth Greenblatt P'23 I Michael Greenstein P'07, P'10 I Pam Griffin '05 I Ross and Tonya Grifkin I Alex Guard* I Jane Gupta (Chapel Hill '66) I Danielle Gutelius I Arthur Gutierrez '82 I Paul Harlan '10* I Tarik Haydar and Pamela Stevens P'21 I Adam Hazen '08* I Thomas and Gail Hedges P'02* I Maura Henry* I Ben Herzig '00* I Gary and Barbara Hickernell GP'19 I Kate Higgins '95 I David and Kristin Hilf P'13 I Phillip and Susan Hoffstein P'20 I Karen Hutcheson P'05* I Joseph and Laurie Hutcheson P'05 I Nick Ironside '10 I John and Julianne Ivey P'20 I Sally Jacobson '89 I Nate Jaffe '14 I Ben and Kate James P'22 I Alden and Virginia Johnson I D. Johnson I Anne Kaduboski I Marty and Donna Kalikow P'08* I John Kattwinkel (Chauncy Hall '59)* I Donald and Linda Keene GP'18 I James and Dorothy Keeney P'89* I James Keleher and Nancy Gittelson P'13 I Margaret Kelley GP'22 I Shauna Kelly I Dan and Caren Kimball P'18 I Fiona Kinmonth I Nikelle Klareich '96* I Courtney Koonce '90 I Joyce Kurz (Chapel Hill '49)* I Brian Kydd and Wendy Mackey-Kydd P'20 I Jen Kyte '87* I Bekah LaCoste* I Megan Lancaster* I Telat and Zamira Lata P'20 I Christy Lawrence* I Netanya Lebach '14 I Dorothy Lebach P'14 I Christina Leonelli* I Fred Levin (Chauncy Hall '49)* I Gail Lewis P'10 I James Lipcon '97* I Erin Loonie '17 I Michael and Audrey Loria P'17 I Sara Lourie '99* I Thomas and Amy Luster P'18* I Jacquie Macdonald* I Ian MacPhail* I Betty-Mae Flaherty (Chapel Hill '59)* I Bill and Janet Maguire I Conor Maguire I Lara Manganaro '05* I Charlee Manigat I Peter and Kathy Masucci P'98* I Wataru Matsuyasu and Karla Armenoff P'22 I Trevor Mazarura and Mia Kiistala P'23 I Neil McCafferty and Carolyn Natale P'23 I Jonathan and Susan McConathy P'21 I Michael McGuill and Jonathan Scott P'21 I Evelyn Mckenna P'12 I Danielle McKeon '95 I Steven Mercer '79* I James Milkey and Cathy Jo Martin P'16 I Nancy Moran GP'21 I Alex Mueller '99 I Sean Mulvehill '10* I Kim Mulvehill '12 I James and Holly Murphy P'20 I Jutta Nelson GP'21 I Jane Newman P'01* I Jake and Heather Nunes P'22 I Kristine O'Brien* I Sarah Orban* I James and Mary Ottaway GP'21 I Jamie Palmer Keating* I Alvah Parker P'87 I Joseph and Meghan Patrissi P'23 I Lisa Pelrine* I Esther Perkins (Chapel Hill '46) I Emilee Purdy '13* I Lincoln and Nancy Purdy P'13 I Rob Rainis and Melissa Leffler P'20 I Surinder Rana '80 I Mike Raphael '84 I Carol Regenauer GP'21 I Lauren Rhodes '95 I Ben Riggs* I Carole Ripley (Chapel Hill '62)* I Jim and Betsy Roberti P'07 I William Roberts (Chauncy Hall '64)* I Lisa Roberts '90 I Ben Rogers* I Lizzy Rosen I Sarah Rudman '08 I Richard and Jane Sabin P'01* I Ruth Sachs (Chapel Hill '57)* I Janet Sachs* I Maddie Sachs I Demba and Mi-Ran Sane P'21 I Lucinda Sargent (Chapel Hill '59)* I Jennie Scafidi* I Lee and Linda Schiller P'06 I Jake Schuster '08 I Gwen Shipley I Bobby Shirazi '96* I Maria Simoneau I Nancy Slocum and Kathy Hagerstrom P'21 I David Smith and Miki Abelow P'20 I Theresa Smith GP'20 I Kay Snowden P'08* I Karen Sokolow* I Alice Solorow I Roberta Sorensen (Chapel Hill '58)* I Matt Soule* I Mike Spencer* I David and Cindy Sprogis P'21 I Starr Indemnity & Liability Company I Jeremy Sternberg and Leigh Gilligan P'21 I George Stiny and Terry Knight P'12 I Loretta Stokes P'89 I Jonathan and Wendy Stone P'11* I Stanley and Annette Strachman P'89 I Michael Streeter I Dexter Strong and Maureen Taylor P'12* I Molly Sun I Palmer Swanson* I David and Carrie Traub P'23 I Al Umina* I Angela Velasquez '18 I Clint and Sandi Vince P'03 I Francis and Anne Vincent P'00 I Mike Wade '96 I Anne Waldinger* I Jill Walker P'20 I Adrienne Walker and Heather Walker P'22 I Virginia Walker GP'18, GP'20* I Kelly Walsh I Ronald Walsworth and Lisa Burdick P'23 I John Watts and Linda Patterson P'07* I Kenna Weber I Judy Weiss P'20 I Dave and Linda Weston GP'20 I Lori White* I Richard Whiteley P'94 I Maryann Wyner I Sam Ziba '78 I Ethan Zolit '10 I Anonymous

COVID-19 Food Fund

Inspired by current parents to support the food security needs of any staff and faculty members, as well as Flik Independent Dining Service employees.

Jon Andruchow and Danielle Gutelius I Brian Burke and Lynn Margherio P'20 I Kyle and Dayle Burke P'20 I Guy and Sally Davidson P'21 I Mark and Maura Epstein P'22 I Eric and Amelia Fedyk P'21 I Anne Grape P'21 I Richard Kaye and Leslie Jacobson Kaye P'20 I John and Suzanne Loonie P'17 I Tom and Brenda Mulvehill P'10, P'12 I Jake and Heather Nunes P'22 I Bernie Regenauer and Maura Shaughnessy P'21 I Alice Solorow I David and Carrie Traub P'23 I Jeff and Marla Wolk P'22

Your Generosity Making an Impact:

Your generosity helped open the Visual & Performing Arts Center, which in addition to the enhanced arts programming, has given teachers of all subjects, beautiful locations to host safely-distanced classes this year.

Alumni Gifts by Decade

Thank you to the following alumni from Chapel Hill-Chauncy Hall School, Chapel Hill, Chauncy Hall, and Huntington School for supporting your alma mater!

Annual Fund Donors: 1940s

Joyce Kurz (Chapel Hill '49)* | Fred Levin (Chauncy Hall '49)* | Esther Perkins (Chapel Hill '46)

Annual Fund Donors: 1950s

Betty-Mae Flaherty (Chapel Hill '59)* | John Kattwinkel (Chauncy Hall '59)* |Gene Reppucci (Chauncy Hall '55)* | Ruth Sachs (Chapel Hill '57)* | Lucinda Sargent (Chapel Hill '59)* | Roberta Sorensen (Chapel Hill '58)*

Annual Fund Donors: 1960s

Kenneth Babcock (Huntington '62)* | William Burdick (Chauncy Hall '64) | Ralph Chadis (Chauncy Hall '64) | Kathy Cook (Chapel Hill '64) | Ken Goodwin (Chauncy Hall '63)* | Jane Gupta (Chapel Hill '66) | Philip Perkins (Chauncy Hall '62)* | Carole Ripley (Chapel Hill '62)* | William Roberts (Chauncy Hall '64)*

Annual Fund Donors: 1970s

Rob Adelson (Huntington '70) I David Cohen (Chauncy Hall '70)* I Ethel Getz (Chapel Hill '71) I Steven Mercer '79* I Ralph Sevinor '72* I Sam Ziba '78

Annual Fund Donors: 1980s

Steve Abramowitz '89 I Jimmy Ayers '87 I Peter Converse '83 I Phil Goss '85 I Arthur Gutierrez '82 I Sally Jacobson '89 I Jen Kyte '87* I Surinder Rana '80 I Mike Raphael '84 I Jeffrey Singal '85 I Dan Strachman '89*

Annual Fund Donors: 1990s

Drew Babitts '99* I Will Brown '97 I Ryan Gates '98 I Kate Higgins '95 I Nikelle Klareich '96* I Courtney Koonce '90 I James Lipcon '97* I Sara Lourie '99* I John McGinty '97* I Danielle McKeon '95 I Alex Mueller '99 I Scott Prenovitz '97* I Lauren Rhodes '95 I Lisa Roberts '90 I Bobby Shirazi '96* I Mike Wade '96

Annual Fund Donors: 2000s

Kyungtae Bae '09 I Marcel Boule '00 I Pam Griffin '05 I Adam Hazen '08* I Ben Herzig '00* I Lara Manganaro '05* I Sarah Rudman '08 I Jake Schuster '08

Annual Fund Donors: 2010s

Max Allen '13 I Emily Carrigan '19 I Russell Carter '13 I James Costigan '10 I Ben Cowen-Whitman '14 I Ty DeWitt '14 I Mimi Dumbuya '10* I Caroline Finamore '13* I Paul Harlan '10 I Gary Heller '10* I Nick Ironside '10 I Nate Jaffe '14 I Netanya Lebach '14 I Erin Loonie '17 I Sean Mulvehill '10* I Kim Mulvehill '12 I Emilee Purdy '13* I Angela Velasquez '18 I Ethan Zolit '10

Your Generosity Making an Impact:

Your generosity has allowed CH-CH to invest in the technology needed to create the best experience possible for all students, including the 20% of our students that are learning remotely.

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