Journey Log Three Emma Johnston

Specialization: Bard

This week in class, monsters were more in depth talked about. At first, I took it more literally. But, as I started thinking, I realized it was a lot deeper than I first had thought. I enjoyed reading "Why we crave horror movies". It made me reflect on why people actually like horror movies, myself being one of those horror movie junkies. It also talked about people loving other people being in pain. Whether that be physically or emotionally. I think now more than ever this is true. A lot of people's goal is to tear others down.

An example of this I have seen of this recently is how Lady Gaga went viral after singing for the super bowl. I would have thought it was because she sang Born This Way, and the message behind it was for gays. But, a lot of people were actually criticizing her for her stomach. In my opinion, she is in great shape. She is not going to have a perfect six pack when she is running and jumping around stage. Yet, some people said they could not even concentrate on the performance because her stomach was "jiggling around".

Above is an article depicting what was said about Lady Gaga.

Besides the obvious monsters, another one I thought of right away were factory farms. I believe that it is everyone choice if they want to eat meat, and I would never judge anyone for doing so. But, there are more ethical ways of eating it than supporting factory farms. This is somewhat of a controversial topic. I am also bothered by it because even though it is happening, people do not want to hear about it. Before coming to Clemson, I had also applied to Duke. I had been waitlisted, and eventually rejected. To get off of the waitlist, I was supposed to write about a problem in the world, and why it was so relevant. I had spent a good amount of time writing, and rewriting it. When I got rejected, I wanted to know why. So, I ended up calling them. They told me it was because of my factory farm essay, and "they did not agree with it, nor did they think I would be a good fit for the institution".

Monsters can be anything, even a NASCAR guy with a twitter.
Eating disorders and body dysmorphia are incredibly serious issues, especially now with all of the social media.
People are so willing to talk about someones stomach, but won't talk about the millions of animals that get abused every year.

For my specialization, I wanted to include these photos. It would not let me keep the entire photo, so I decided to upload it like this.

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