Norman North Student Council

In 2020-2021, D.E.N. is a group of committed students and three hard-working advisors, Mr. Boese, Mr. Stuemky and Mr. Curry. Together we put together memorable events and activities that the entire student body can attend and be a part of. These events include Assemblies, Homecoming, Dances, Spirit Weeks, Semi-Formal, and Lunch on the Lawn, among others. D.E.N. represents the student body in meeting with faculty as well as Academic Council. We strive to find ways to Develop Excellence at North on a daily basis.

2020 - 2021

How to get involved in D.E.N.

There are many ways to become involved with D.E.N.; one way is through elected positions. D.E.N. elections take place in the Spring of every school year. D.E.N. is composed of an executive council (president, vice president, treasurer, and secretary) as well as senators from the Freshmen, Sophomore, Junior and Senior classes at Norman North. Another way to be involved in D.E.N. is by being appointed a Committee Chair after going through an application/interview process. Committee Chair positions will head up their own events within D.E.N.. We also have Faculty appointed House of Representatives positions that will represent different academic/organization departments throughout the school. We encourage every student to look for ways to get involved in Developing Excellence at North.

Meet Our EXECS

President: Damon O'Neill

Vice-President: Kavya Khanna

Treasurer: Emma Berglan

Secretary: Amanda Mercer


Publicity Committee

Video Committee

T-Wolf Committee

Faculty Committee

Art Committee

SPUD Committee

Fine Arts Committee

Events We Host

A week where students show appreciation to their peers and teachers by filling each others' buckets with every-day kind acts

New Student Luncheon

Homecoming Carnival

Homecoming Parade

Lunch on the Lawn

Semi Formal

Students performing unselfish deeds (SPUD)

Spud week 2021
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