Attack of the Fanwort by Jace Orbanic

kingdom order family genus species of the fanwort .

The Fanwort is in the kingdom Plantae and is in order Nymphaeales and in family Cabombaceanc also genus Cabomba and species Combomba aquatica. It is also a angeosperm and that means it re produces using flowers.

Physical characteristics of the fanwort.

Characteristics of the FanWort are the fan wart is mostly under water the roots are at the bottom lake or stream it also ha fine leaves that look like a fan that where it gets the name sake.

The natural habitat of the fanwort are small stagnate rivers in southern Brazil, Uruguay, Paraguay, north east Argentina, southern and eastern U.S.A.

Here is a video that shows how to identify the fanwort.

How it move's around.

It is believed that fanwort migrated by bouts going throw large are's of fanwort and bits sticking to the blades of the motor and being transported to other streams and lakes also is believed to be a popular aquarium plant so when they was dumped it got in the stream's and lakes.

Negative impacts on biodiversity.

The fanwort is a very fast growing plant that forms a thick mat that surrounds other native species and blocks sun from submerged plants. also dense ares of fanwort can hinder swimmers and boaters and stop other recreational activities .

This is some other invasive species eating a fanwort .

Some of the ways to control the fanwort.

Are to avoid infested areas in bouts avoid planting it in your aquarium and if found call 1800 563 7711

This was created by Jace Orbanic


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