Effective Conservationists by: Tien Luu

During the late 1800's, sanitation and hygiene were taken care of very well, and diseases spread throughout cities. Specifically, in the city of New York, 40,000 people died from these diseases.

Conservationists throughout history have excelled at protecting america's natural and historical resources as demonstrated from the results of the antiquities act, preservation of wildlife, and reduction of water pollution

Theodore Roosevelt Passed the Antiquities Act allowing him to declare historic landmarks, historic and prehistoric structures, and other objects of historic or scientific interest and making others unable to destroy or damage the area. Anyone that damages the area will be a maximum fee of $500 or be imprisoned
Yosemite Park, Wind Cave, Mesa Verde, Crater Lake

The Hawaiian Goose was bred in captivity when their population was low, with only a couple dozen in the wild. After about 2 decades, the population increased to a little over 300.

After Exxon Valdez oil spill, eleven thousand workers attacked the issue using high water pressured hoses and shovels to clean the beaches and rocks. The animals were taken care of, clean, and released back into the wild.

The Clean Water Act was implemented to set guidelines and standards for industrial polluters. It imposes protection for national estuaries and aquatic treasures.

Chesapeake Bay and Great Lakes

Conservationists strive to exceed outcomes in the past, setting new goals; their success can be proven from the usage of the Antiquities Act, preserving endangered species, and confronting water pollution. Presidents in the past have utilized the Antiquities Act to their advantage, creating national monuments, preventing the land and resources from being extracted.


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