The Lion King Jr. By: Kyla Lee

Top and Bottom Left: Senior Keegan Anderson as Rafiki Top Right: Sophomore Noah McSpadden as Mufasa and Junior Jillian Keen as Sarabi Bottom Right: Sophomore Hunter Roach as Scar

The Paoli Drama Department put on "The Lion King Jr." on November 30, December 1 and 2. The people in charge of the production were looking for a play with a large amount of lead roles so they could include as many people as possible. They found the musical as a great success.

Above: Freshman Aubrey Cook, Sophomore Alicia Neale, and eighth grader AJ Lopez as hyenas and Roach

The main roles consisted of Hunter Roach as Scar, Keegan Anderson as Rafiki, Noah McSpadden as Mufasa, Jillian Keen as Sarabi, Chandler Hinton as Zazu, Aiden Monroe as Young Simba, Angie Ceja as Young Nala, Atley Cook as Nala, and Travis Mefford as Simba.

Left: McSpadden and Freshman Chandler Hinton as Zazu Middle: McSpadden and Seventh Grader Aiden Monroe as Young Simba Right: Monroe and eighth grader Angie Ceja as Young Nala

"This is a beautiful story about family, challenges in growing up and facing loss, stepping up and taking responsibility, making friends where we least expect, and about how we truly are all interconnected in the great circle of life," said Director Maria Wishart.

Above: Seniors Livia Sullivan as Timon and Alyssa Wilson as Pumba
Above: Anderson and Mefford as Rafiki and Simba

"I always enjoy watching individuals grow as well as the entire cast improve and learn together," said Wishart.

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