Quadside Lands 2019

Paly's KPOP Club, Palyce, performs a dance routine to the song "Fever" by GFriend on the first day of Quadside Lands.
"I think our hard work paid off," junior Naomi Boneh, a member of Palyce, said. "We [Palyce] have many opportunities to perform KPOP dances, and this is just one of them."
Students enjoy the festivities as they eat lunch on the Quad.
Members of Oscar's Band Tribute Band Tribute Band perform original songs with entertaining twists, such as fun costumes and slip 'n sliding, during the second day of Quadside Lands.
"We were all confused about how we were going to fill so many gaps [left by members who graduated], but I think it all came together," junior and OBTBTB member David Snyder said.
Students participate in the Intramural Volleyball tournament on the last day of Quadside Lands.