WWII Battles Mark Ordner

Pacific Theater

Battle of Midway

1. On May 2 messages that were intercepted by the U.S. from Japan began to indicate some forthcoming operation, and a key fact, the planned day-of-battle position of the Japanese carriers, would be divulged in a notice sent on May 16. By the time Nimitz had to make final decisions, the Japanese plans and order of battle had been reconstructed in considerable detail.

2. Torpedo bombers became separated from the American dive-bombers and were slaughtered (36 of 42 shot down), but they diverted Japanese defenses just in time for the dive-bombers to arrive; some of them had become lost, and now by luck they found the Japanese.

3. United States was able to preempt and counter Japan’s planned ambush of its few remaining aircraft carriers, inflicting permanent damage on the Japanese Navy.

Allies: the victory allowed the United States and its allies to move into an offensive position. Also weakened the Japanese fleet to where they were heavily outnumbered. The island was important because it was able to hold a landing stretch for planes.

Axis: Japan was unable to secure the island and lost communication advantages making them weak toward the U.S. powers.

Island of Midway

Battle of Guadacanal

1. U.S. marines launched a surprise attack on the Japanese in August 1942 and took control of an air base under construction. Reinforcements were brought in on a series land battles and naval battles. Japan retreated from Guadacanal in February 1943.

2. Few people have ever heard of the strategically placed island when Japanese troops were constructing an air base and even two months later when U.S. Marines landed there.

3. The strategic position of Guadacanal allowed for important control of the sea lines of communication between the U.S. and Australia as well as give the U.S. superiority of the skies.

Allies: the U.S. had Japan around the throat as they increased the power over the Pacific and proved the resourcefulness of the U.S. Marines. The victory at Guadacanal was the allies first major offensive and decisive victory.

Axis: Japan's pressure on the U.S. was being elimanted one island at a time.

Island of Guadacanal

European Theater

Battle of El Alamein

1. Was the last battle between the British army and the German-Italian army in the North African campaign, with Britain being victorious from German Field Marshal Erwin Rommel retreating to Tunisia and disobeying Hitlers order to stand ground.

2. Rommel mined and fortified a forty-mile line in considerable depth and strength. To break this line and destroy the Axis forces Bernard Montgomery, commander of the British imperial forces. There was little maneuverability because the forces were blockaded by the Mediterranean and the Qattara Depression

3. Montgomery disposed of double of the German-Italian army, and on October 23, 1942, battle began and it lasted only 10 days due to the massive size of the allies army.

Allies: allies had control of the Mediterranean and had severely punished the axis' army.

Axis: lost the battle but were able to side track a large allied army from Hitler mainland campaign.

Allied Tanks going across El Alamein

Battle of Dunkirk

1. On May 10, 1940, the Germans launched an attack against the Western allied powers going through Belgium, Holland, and Lexumberg. The Frenchs lines were said to be an impregnable defense.

2. The allies pursued an ineffective counter on May 21, and by May24 is backfired with Germany's commander in chief Walther Von Brauchitsch poised to obtain the last port available for the withdrawal of the mass of the British Expeditionary Forces from Europe.

3. May 26 the British initiated the largest evacuation for the allies called Operation Dynamo. The evacuation lasted nine days and it was able to save 338000 allied troops from The Nazis

Allies: we're able to see the effects of Germany's army and were able to preserve a majority of there troops for the next battle.

Axis: able to capture the port in Dunkirk which trapped the allies from entering and leaving mainland Europe.

Operation Dynamo

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