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2004 | Metal

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“Devastation is where we're heading if we follow this illusion. -- Escalation of all the hurting that is borne of our confusion. -- unrelenting as we persist in putting everyone beneath us. -- Never ending until we understand our honesty deceives us."


  • Threshold began their career in 1988, initially playing covers of metal groups like Ratt and Testament.
  • Lead guitarist Karl Groom is the only founding member of the band to remain. Subsurface is the last album to feature other founding member, guitarist Nick Midson.
  • In 2005, Subsurface was ranked number 472 in Rock Hard magazine's book of The 500 Greatest Rock & Metal Albums of All Time.


Luke Tatum

Threshold is such an under-appreciated band. Smart lyrics, excellent musicianship, and an oft-refreshing point of view. In this case, we're plainly dealing with the United States as "policemen of the world." "We've got a system, you're going to use it; We call it freedom and you are going to choose it; If you're not against it, you've got to be for it; Neutral is dangerous and you cannot ignore it." These lyrics are early in the song, but they set the tone and make it clear where we're headed. The hypocrisy, the doublespeak, the assumed position of ruler, or even of deity over other nations. The message here lines up nicely with a previous song from this list: "The Scorpion," by Megadeth.

Sherry Voluntary

What a great song!

“We've got a system you're going to use it, we call it freedom and you are free to choose it”

This line alone could be a whole show’s worth of content. People have come to believe that freedom is a system that gives you choices as to which people get to tell you what to do. So sad! The truth is though, that freedom lies in dissent. The only time you have freedom is when you have the right to say no. “The right to obey” is no right at all, it’s a vailed threat of force.

Nicky P

I think my favorite part of this song is how it lays out some of the juxtapositions and hypocrisys that the state tells. We parade our armys all over the globe in an effort to "promote peace." We promote freedom until it's not one we like. We preach the environment while our government is one of the worst polluters to ever exist. The latter point is one that is personally close to my heart. (If you're interested check out my environmentalism podcast Free Market's Green Earth.) The point i'm making is that the government exists almost as the mirror image of what it purports to be.

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Nicky P