Imagine this, you are wanting to go out and do something fun while you are having a vacation in Mexico. You find out about the Cave of Crystals and only look at the pictures, not even taking a peek at what the place actually is or even what to wear. You go there with your dashing husband in hopes that this experience will change your lives forever in the best way possible. But no, you pull up to the place and see nothing but a cave and a man handing out helmets. You and your husband walk up with your sandals and each put on a helmet. Your husband goes first and steps on one of the crystals. He slips on the edge of the pointy and sharp end of the crystal and gets stabbed in the neck. You see your husband hanging by his neck DEAD, well that ended horrible…

That’s exactly what you shouldn’t do if you want to explore the amazing, beautiful, and dangerous Cave of The Crystals in Mexico. Sure you can bring your dashing husband there but you will need to come prepared. First of all the place is super hot, 136 degrees farenheit to be exact. The coldest it will get if you're lucky is about 134 degrees. Now, when you pull up the place is very supervised, so it's not like you can just walk in. Also the cave is very humid so you won’t be in the cave for very long. The place was so humid that a visitor who lingered too long risked having fluids condense inside his or her lungs. That can be fatal.

Helmets and protective gear are very important as well. If you visit you should wear a helmet, long sleeve shirt, fully covering pants, socks, and good, grippy hiking boots. Also, bring water and a flashlight because of the humidity and how dark it may be. Would you want to go there? Pamela Dayne states, “Yes, I would love to see the crystals, it's a once in a lifetime opportunity”. Do you think they should close the park from the public? Abby Shell explains, “Yes, I think that if it is a danger and could kill someone that they should close it”.

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