ASOS Social Media Case Study is a UK based worldwide online clothes and fashion store. It is currently the largest online fashion retailer in Britain and has rapidly gained popularity since its launch in 2000. They offer free shipping to over 200 countries and attract 29.5 million customers per month. As well as fashion, ASOS specialises in beauty products and accessories. They have launched a monthly magazine steering towards their female customers.

ASOS | Shop the Latest Clothes and Fashion Online

The ASOS website is extremely well designed in order to allow their customers to navigate easily throughout the pages, having a clear view of all the products. The easy to use site has a wide range of pictures and videos of models wearing the product so that you can clearly see how it looks. They also have recently implemented a “recommended size”, taking into consideration your height and weight in order to suggest what size you should buy.

Millenials and Social Media

Their target market is fashion for millennials and therefore, they have a lot of competition amongst other online fashion platforms as well as “walk-in-shops”. ASOS understands that they need to keep innovating in order to reach their preferred clientele.

Since they are an online platform they have attempted to reach out to online platforms such as social media in order to advertise. It is evident that ASOS have a strong social media presence; nevertheless, we believe that they can use these platforms in a better way.

Like many companies, the only way for ASOS to advertise themselves and raise awareness is through the internet, and what better place to do it, than through social media platforms.

In order to decide on a S.M.A.R.T goal, we decided to divide each of the platforms into different ones.


ASOS have 5.8m followers on Instagram

Analysis: After taking a look at the ASOS Instagram page we can clearly see that the company uses Instagram as a showroom for their products. It's the same as what you would have in any "walk-in" shop, however, here it is at the tip of your fingers.

New Goal: In the case of Instagram there is one major goal and that is to increase their follower base and expand the customer base.

How: The more followers, means the more sales for ASOS. Since they are already recognised by Instagram, indicated by the blue check mark next to the name, it is very easy to simply pay for in app advertisement. By doing this, ASOS will also be attracting new customer bases: younger buyers. Any pair of clothes that will look appealing will make anyone click on the advertisement, and since Instagram is now a network it will not take long for new customer bases to come in and consume ASOS’s products. Instagram is and has to be their number one priority for first hand consumer base buying.



Analysis: The Facebook page of ASOS seems to encompass a whole new strategy. Yes, once again it is a marketing platform in order to attract consumers, however, there is also this sense of building a relationship with the consumer. ASOS posts videos and pictures which have nothing to do with their products. This shows that Facebook for ASOS is much bigger than just promoting their products

New Goal: Build a community. This means really feeling connected to their customers, almost like friends.

How: This has already began with ASOS, however, we would recommend enlarging this "friendship" base. In contrast to Instagram, we are not talking about having a marketing space, but rather a place where consumers can feel more connected to the brand. Facebook has to become the image of ASOS. In order to achieve this, ASOS must connect and relate to the consumers as well as incorporate their products and clothes into daily posts and images.


75k Subscribers
Youtube can be seen to be one of the most important social Media strategies to attain

Analysis: When we did intensive research at their YouTube channel, we found a myriad of problems. The first is that they have not added or updated any new content for the past month. The second is that their most watched video is from 1 months ago. Therefore, we can see that this is an area that they can really strive to improve.

New Goal: Stop reaching for greatness and instead follow the path set.

How: Youtube, being this recent social media boosted platform, can easily be one of the mose essential tools for marketing in the web. ASOS already has loads of its own little shows and they are well divided. But why not, instead of reaching through Youtube, use Youtubers or Youtube "stars". Youtubers have become very popular in young generations and tehrefore, they can be the key to success. People's internet idols can mention ASOS in their channels and therefore, attract customers leading to an increase in sales.

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