Good Life Nature Activity by Jacob lensch

Nature on Display: The first exhibit I toured in the Florida Museum of Natural History was the. Here, I came across one of our first mammalian ancestors. Using a 3D medium was the most effective because it gave me an accurate idea of the size and shape of the animals while also depicting them I their natural habitat.
Nature and Ethics: This exhibit supports Leopold's argument because it helps people understand that we were not always at the top of the food chain. Instead, it emphasizes that we are "members of the biotic community" that continues to evolve over time. This fossil had a humbling effect on me as I visualized the shark around the jaw and understood how powerful this thing really was. In conclusion, I walked away with a greater respect for nature in its entirety.
Nature and the Human Spirit: As I explored the museum, I came across fossils from a wide variety of time periods. As a result, the Native American exhibit had an eye-opening effect when I saw that most of the artifacts dated back to only 500 years ago. In most contexts, 500 years seems like a very long time; however, it is dwarfed by the number of years that separate us from the dinosaurs. In this context, I was able to ascertain how short our residency on this planet has been. So much change occurs every day that I never step back and look at how much our planet has changed- until now.


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