The Happy-House

Have you always want a house to do every single things for you? Your to lazy to get up in the morning or you can't put Nutella on your toast by yourself? Well don't you worry about it the Happy Home is made to answer to everything you need! I know what your thinking, it's impossbile to found a House who can do EVERYTHING for you! Your perfectly right but this is my project so shut it! Your bed will be equip with the best technology in the world TWO matress!! AMAZING! so now you will have a excuse to be late at everything ! You will also have a automatic kitchen ! Now your cereal will always be perfect! You will have speakers bloothoot everywhere in the house and it will be control by your cell phone. The speakers will be in the wall so you can always listen to that annoy- amazing music of yours! There is also speakers in the shawer. Now lt' talk about the shower shall we? The floor will be white and on the roof there will have light of diffirent colors. The tub will be pretty big . The shower will be made of glass. The house will clean itself every 48 hours. Little robots will come out of the roof and will clean the house for you. Useful isn't it? Your wall will be equip with hidden screen so when you will want to watch a movie or a video clip you can project it on the wall. The doors will be automatic and made of glass so when your hands are full it will open by themself. And theres a lot more impressive things in this house, buy it and see them by yourself !

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