Island Stones A Hebridean Journey

Island Stones depicts a journey through the Outer Hebrides, navigated by the archaeology of the islands, made in August 2016. Inspired by my participation in an Art and Archaeology Summer School, run by the University of the Highlands and Islands, it is a journey reflecting both the present and the past.

The archaeology of the Outer Hebrides suggests journeys made in earlier millennia. While remote, island communities were not necessarily isolated. Many were centres of communication, particularly in times when it was often easier to cross the water than the land. There is evidence of contact with the Inner Hebrides, Orkney and Ireland dating to Neolithic times.

Breibhig, Barra
Poll a Charra, South Uist
Cnoc nan Ceann Breaca, South Uist
Teampall na Trionaid, North Uist
Pobull Fhinn, North Uist
Cleitreabhal a Deas, North Uist
Cnoc Ceann a' Gharraidh, Lewis
Calanais, Lewis
Dun Charlebhaigh, Lewis
Clach an Truiseil, Lewis

The images above were part of a joint exhibition, 'Journeys' by the Open Studio Photographers, at the Horsebridge Centre, Whitstable, between 8th and 14th February 2017. They are part of an ongoing project to explore the history of settlement on the Hebridean islands.

Created By
Jim Souper

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