If you give a child a candy. By Cuc Pham

When you give child a candy, he will eat it.

When he eats candy, he might ask you open it.

Unless you open candy, he will cry.

When he cries, he will need an enticement .

If he needs an enticement, he will want to get some toy to play.

When he plays toy, he will be hungry.

If he is hungry, he will cry.

When he cries, he will need a candy more.


Created with images by Brian Birke - "Damn ... Open ... Damn ... Candy ..." • Nisha A - "i love candy..." • andrewmalone - "Elephants love Kit-Kats" • Upsilon Andromedae - "Crying" • Jen SFO-BCN - "Father and son, take 2" • ericmerrill - "080 Logan" • Jason Lander - "he wants it all." • Upsilon Andromedae - "Crying" • Nisha A - "i love candy..."

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