Native American Project By Andy Elvira

1.The reason I care is because it affects me in this case because this is my home land and I don’t want to lose all of this. Will lose everything I have in this land I will lose my money and go broke and have nothing else. I was in the tribe with the Cherokee and we stood as a team we worked together. I can’t lose my land because this is my home my income the way I make money for my family to keep us going.

On June 2nd 1924 congress granted citizenship to all native Americans that where born in the US. They were the only native Americans that where able to be granted. Even before the Indian citizenship act. There was some natives that where not allowed to vote until the year 1957 some states allowed it. So this was huge for the native american they finally had some power to there name.

At the start of the twentieth century there were approximately 250,000 Native Americans. Most of them where living in reservations were they would train to get a a degree of self government during the 19th century. In 1831 the chief John Marshall declared that Indian tribes were domestic witch means they could be trusted to live alone because they trained for it.

The problem was that the natives had valuable resources and and the us government wanted them. They where worth a lot of money and if they were to get those they would be a wealthy country. So Natives would have to be on high alert so nobody would take there stuff because they would be losing a lot of money if there expensive stuff where to get tooken from them.

The settlers where moving into the land of the native american when they worked so hard for that land. Then these random people just walk into my territory and try to clame it as there own witch at that part they are wrong. That also comes into play that the settlers fears the native Americans because that wasn't there home soil so they didn't have anything for them there.

They fought so far for what they came for because they needed there power because they wanted to be trusted. Once they where able to vote that changed the whole game for them witch was huge back in the time when it happen. People can finally vote for what they wanted not just sit and watch on what they did not want. There was a lot of no and yes but at the end of the day they got all they needed to get in the game and go there own way if they wanted.

They fought a lot for there stuff so it wouldn't get stolen from them small things where tooken from them but not the biggest. If they where to be tooken from them the natives would have to fight the government for there stuff. The reason they think they could just take because they are in there country. So the government thought it would be fair because the natives were on there land.

Witch the natives ended making some leave there land because that was there home land. They had everything they needed there to win and the settlers where moving around so they didn't have a lot to go around with them just looking for land. Since the natives where familiar with there land this was gonna be easy to make them leave there land for good to scare them off.

What the native americans did to come this far to get power and and to not be left out is big. They fought for what they thought was right they or nobody should give up on what they think. Have to fight for whats right.

The natives valuables on there land they fought pushed hard for there stuff and they won and didn't lose.They where on high alert they had patrol hidden trooper and more to keep them safe.

Like the settler s trying to take there land they went threw alot but the natives have many soultions to keep them out like they could have defenses, patrol and alot more so no one can come in to there soil


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