Inclusive to All?

Students with Disabilities are often disregarding in higher education curriculum, programs, and activities. As I continue to learn about all of the different constituents in higher education (LGBT students, minorities, international, disabled, and etc.), the more I realize that the field of higher education has a long way to go in becoming inclusive to all. What I find most surprising is that many institutions have made diversity a priority, however, they have not created curriculum, programs, campus resources, and activities to serve a diverse institution.

Beike & Yssel (1999) explained that many institutions have neglected to be inclusive to students with disabilities because it takes away from the school's mission and the faculty's focus. However, it is also argued that the new generation of students with disabilities are more aware of their nature of their disability and use it to their advantage. For example, the story of Temple Grandin video, shows how a student can use what's considered a disability (Autism) and create an entire system for animals based on how her mind works.

The Inclusive Concurrent Enrollment Initiative video highlights a inclusive institution for students with learning disabilities in Massachusetts. Mass Bay Community College has created an environment for these students where they can attend college courses and participate in college programs and activities. In this video the Paul Reville, the Secretary of Education in Massachusetts, explains that all students will need some form of higher education due to the constantly changing job market. Personally, I feel that all students should at least have the option to explore higher education programs that fit their needs. Moving forward more higher education institutions should consider including special programs that cater to students with special needs.

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