Energy in Collisions By: Joyce #20

There are different types of energy such as sound energy, heat energy, Light, motion, and gravity. They all do something different, sound energy, making noise from friction, and collisions. Gravity, holding it down, and all others different.

When crashed, the energy went to sound energy, and the car collided into the wall. there was a loud 'WHAP' and the the car hit the wall. That was sound energy.

When weight is added, The car will go faster because when picking up the car, you are using more effort and putting in more potential energy. Therefore, the car will go faster down the ramp because you gave it more of a potential to do it.

Our car was a simple one with the walls on the side, caging the egg in, so it had nowhere to go but forward, but the speed was pushing it in. We considered seat-belts, but we were out of time.

Our results were not all that pretty. We had a tad bit cracks, quite thin, but cracks are cracks, and alas, we still failed, even if they were quite itty bitty. I had high hopes that were quite ruined.


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