Internet Safety How much do you really know about being safe online?

You may think you're not doing anything wrong or dangerous but it still could be. With so many different types of technology out in the world we should be aware of what kind of bad things can happen and how to prevent them from happening.

You should never give out any personal information online.

This includes all information like like your name, your parent or your friends' names, address, or phone number.

How to avoid bad situations

-Be respectful to other people while you're online. Don't put people down, and if you disagree with

-Think twice before you post something; Could this hurt anyone's feelings? What consequences might this give me? It's not easy to take back something you have posted online, and you don't always know how many people or who have seen what you've posted.

-Follow your parents' rules. They make rules for a reason. Plus, if you listen you'll seem more responsible, not only will they trust you more they'll give you more privileges online.

Other helpful informational websites =P

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