Dreams Final PROJECT 2016

Universal theme: Don't let your dreams get the best of you. Do what you can to achieve your goal don't go out of your way to the point of hurting yourself or others to achieve it.

"Of mice and men"

“that ranch were going to is right down there about a quarter mile. We're gonna go in an' see the boss. Now, look- I'll give him the work tickets, but you ain't gonna say a word. You jus' stand there and don't say nothing. If he finds out what a crazy bastard you are, we won't get no job, but if he sees ya work before he hears ya talk, we're set. Ya got that?"

The author in of mice and men is trying to teach us to pursue your dreams step by step. This quote from "Of Mice and Men" shows that George and Lennie are working towards their goal of owning their own ranch by getting jobs so they can get to their dream. This is an example of the universal theme because owning a ranch is a reasonable goal for these two men to achieve. Also it is not putting anyone in danger and they are not doing anything to hurt anyone to achieve their goal. This relates to the theme because these two men had a dream that they could accomplish without hurting themselves or others.

"The Necklace"

“She had no gowns, no jewels, nothing. And she loved nothing but that. She felt made for that. She would have liked so much to please, to be envied, to be charming, to be sought after. She had a friend, a former schoolmate at the convent, who was rich, and whom she did not like to go to see any more because she felt so sad when she came home."

The author author in the necklace is trying to show us that some dreams are not worth pursuing and to just be happy with what we have. This quote shows that Madame Loisel was not happy with what she had and would do almost anything to be rich and sought after. This is an example of the universal theme because Madame Loisel's dream was to be rich and sought after. While she could have just been happy with what she had she decided to by a new dress for a party and borrow a necklace from a friend to look and feel rich. Then she lost the necklace so she went into debt trying to buy a new necklace to replace to one she lost just to find out it was fake. Although Madame Loisel could have avoided all this if she was just happy with herself and did not have unrealistic dreams for herself. This relates to the theme because the one dream Madame Loisel negatively effected her and others around her.


The movie "Tangled" show us to strive for your dreams as long as they are not hurting you or anyone around you. This is an example of the universal theme because all the characters in this video all have dreams and they are things they can really accomplish without hurting themselves or anyone around them.

So What? Impact

Dreams are very important in our everyday lives. They help shape us and become the people we are. We have to make sure that our dreams benefit us and other around us and that they are not hurting us or anyone around us. All of us have dreams some greater than others but we all have to remember to not let our dreams get the best of us. Overall, I have learned that dreams are amazing things to have and to work towards but we have to know our limits. As Walt Disney once said "all our dreams can come true – if we have the courage to pursue them. "


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