My Clay Journey Kyra ries

My original templates.

At first, I thought it would be nice and easy to make a set for my room. That didn't work, so I made a canister, tea cup, and saucer for my mom.

Canister with hidden flange.

For my canister, I rolled out a slab first. Then, I cut the slab close to a size I wanted. I heat gunned the clay so it would hold its form when I made a tube. I slipped and scored the seam of the tube and blended them together. I decided to make a hidden flange, so i cut some clay, and blended the edge inside the canister. Make sure to even out the edges of the flange if needed.

Canister before flange.

After the flange is added, add the bottom. To add the bottom, put your tube on a slab of clay the same dryness. Cut the bottom ,slip and score the edge of the bottom, and the end of the tube , then blend the 2 pieces until it looks seamless.

My lid for the canister.

To start the lid, roll another slab. Cut a piece to around the size your lid should be, and heat gun it until it's leather hard. Try to fit it on your canister, if it doesn't fit shave off excess. Make sure to slip and score a piece on the top, so you can lift the lid.

Clay next to template.

For the tea cup, I used a template. I rolled out a slab, and cut around the template. Then, I head gunned my clay so that it would stand on its own when I joined the two sides together.

Cutting on an angle.

To join the sides together, overlap the two edges and cut on an angle so that the edges will join perfectly. Slip and score both edges and join them. For a bottom, roll a slab, heat gun it until it's the same dryness as the cone, and place the cone bottom side down onto the slab. Cut around the cone, and slip and score the bottom to the cone.

My tea cup.

For the handle, I rolled a clay snake out and cut it to the length I wanted my handle. I shaped it like half of a heart, heat gunned it to the same dryness as the cup. Lastly, I slipped and scored both the ends of the handle and where the handle was going to be placed on the mug, and joined the two together.

For my saucer, I used a template too. I rolled a slab, and cut around the template. Then, I heat gunned the plate until it was leather hard so that I could refine it. I made sure the edges of the plate didn't have ridges, and I thinned the edges by shaving them on an angle with a needle tool.

Heat gunning the underglaze.

For all 3 of my pieces, I used the sgraffito technique. For this technique, you have to use a special underglaze. Apply 3 coats of the underglaze, making sure each layer is dried before adding the next.

My set before the kiln.



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