A Desert Adventure Southwestern U.S.

We started out across the landscape toward sugar-filigree rocks tossed about the landscape. We were heading to “The Wave.”

The delicate rock formations sometimes looked like shipwrecks.

The tracks of grass in the sand gave testament to the presence of wind.

The landscape soon mirrored the grass’s waves, broadcasting the power of wind and water on the landscape.

Remnants of long-dead trees proved how fleeting life can be

and how enduring its remains.

When you walk in the desert you need to be mindful of your water supply and sun protection. The desert is unforgiving in those ways.

The desert’s all-knowing eye prompted us onward.

“The Wave is near,” it said.

Finally we’re here. The undulating ripples of sandstone surround us.

But the desert is not all dry. Hidden away in desert canyons runs life-saving water.

Water sometimes so deep wading leads to swimming. Often flash floods cause the water to climb the walls, depositing rocks in niches high above the canyon floor.

Giant logs lodged between canyon walls echo the power of water.

Boulders wedge themselves in the slots where they were dropped by erosion and pushed by rushing water.

Yes, when you walk in the desert, be prepared.

There is danger, but also unimaginable beauty.

Produced by Yvonne Holman (Julia | Imagic). See my web site at Julia | Imagic.


Photos by Yvonne Holman (Julia | Imagic). View at http://juliaimagic.SmugMug.com

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