Lucia.G All about me

Gigi and I on the Arts Center Stage

My greatest passion is ballet. I have been doing it since I was 2 and I love every second of it. I am now in Grade 5. My favourite part about ballet is hard work and the determination that goes into it then to preform it and make it look like you only need to learn some steps and you have got it.

Me at a ballet compition

My ballet school is called The National Theatre Ballet School. I really love the ballet school because it is so welcoming and it is a really good ballet school.

This is me after a ballet performance and at dinner. I am on the right.
One of my other favourite things to do is spend time with my family. I have 2 great sisters that I love to spend time with. One of them is called Gigi. She is my twin sister and then I have got the little one... Stella. I have my loving mother. Her name is Rachel.She works at the Australian Ballet Company in Melbourne now. She used to be a model but then Gigi and I came along. Then I have a Caring father. His name is Lesley but most people call him Les. He works as the head physiotherapist for the Socceroos. He has worked for the Socceroos for 20 years and has been at 200 games. I am the oldest in the children but not really because I share that role with my twin. The people in this photo are my cousins and my sisters. They are my only cousins. The oldest one is called Emily and she is 18. The youngest one out of the two is Grace and she is 12. They still live in Adelaide.

I love to travel to Europe. We don't do it usually but when we do I love it!

Gigi and I were born in Manchester, England. This year we are going back. On July the 4th we are going to London and Paris. We are going to lots of AMAZING places and I am so exited!

Eiffel Tower

Disney Land Paris

Disney Land Paris

Moulin Rouge

Paris opera ballet

Paris opera ballet

On the 1st of September 2006 Gigi and I were born. This is us a few minutes after we came out. We were born in the Royal Children's Hospital in Manchester, England. I am on the left in the little yellow hat and Gigi is in little pink hat. Obviously that is my mother in the picture.

We took this at Luna Park

I love to hang out with my best friends. Sleepovers and play dates are my favourite things to do... Apart from ballet! My best friends is LilySophia and Gigi. I am super lucky to have such good friends! I also have a great friend called Katie that I love to hang around with! I also have a good friend called Chloe F. I love friends and hanging out all the time!

LilySophia, Gigi and I at Luna Park.

Thanks for watching my All about me presentation. I hope you enjoyed it!


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