Pelé by Marissa Shirk

"Pelé." Britannica School, 2017. Britannica School. Accessed 21 Mar. 2017.


Pelé was a South African soccer superstar. What Pelé did was he led his soccer team to win three world cups, was one of the first blacks to play soccer, he made music along with books, and starred in documentaries/semi- documentaries. Pelé was considered a Brazilian national hero for being such an amazing soccer player and helping Brazil become such a known and loved team. Then he went on to receive the International Peace Award in 1978 and also be named athlete of the century in 1980. You may also know Pelé as Pérola Negra "Black Pearl."

8 themes

The first theme I chose from the 8 Themes of World History was cultural interaction. I chose this because Pelé made a few musical pieces and also published a best selling auto-biography and was in several documentaries and semi-documentaries. This is why Pelé fits in the cultural interaction theme.

The second theme I chose from the 8 Themes of World History was revolution. If you take a look at Pelé you can almost tell that he is an African American, during the time he played soccer, blacks and Latinos were still not very accepted but Pelé changed all of this by being one of the first blacks to play soccer on a team. This changed history forever. That is why Pelé can be put under revolution in the 8 Themes of World History.

Pelé once said, "If I pass away one day, I am happy because I tried to do my best. My sport allowed me to do so much because it's the biggest sport in the world."


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