How Prevalent Is Racism in Society ? Tamara Mays

Racism is the belief that people of a certain race or ethnicity are superior or inferior to others, and the severity of the problem today is often a topic of debate. This title examines, What Are the Origins of the Racism Conflict? Is Racial Profiling Justified? How Serious a Problem Is Housing Discrimination? Should Affirmative Action Programs Be Eliminated? and What Can Be Done About Racism?
Peggy J. Parks in an author who writes a number of nonfiction books for all age groups. Her books focus on topics such as Cyberbullying, teenage depression, concussions, etc. Through her books she hopes to keep people informed about serious issues that occur in everyday life, and really make you think about solutions to these problems.
IS RACISM A THING OF THE PAST? This is one topic discussed in the book. There are extremely diverse opinions about racism in the U.S, with some people questioning whether it really exists . However you have others who say that it remains a serious problem, and must remain a major focus in order to be resolved.
HOUSING DISCRIMINATION: In the United states it is illegal for home sellers or anyone else associated with housing to discriminate against buyers or renters, but that does not mean that all Americans feel free to live wherever they choose.Minorities still encounter this often according to the US Department of Housing and Urban Development and other agencies. It limits their housing choices , dictates where they can or can not live,and limits access to other opportunities such as health care services.
HOW COMMON IS RACIAL PROFILING IN LAW ENFORCEMENT ? :An example of this controversy is called stop-and-frisk, and whether or not some individuals have been singled out solely because of their race, which is a violation of the Fourth Amendment, which guarantees citizens the right to be free from searches or other personal invasions without probable cause. Many more examples of this controversy are discussed in the book.
HOW CAN WE FIGHT AGAINST RACISM?: This books gives us a few great examples on how to take a fight against racism. Speak out, Advocate for affirmative action programs, take action , and explore the unfamiliar.
My initial reaction to this book before reading was that I was very happy because I enjoy reading about topics such as this which have a personal meaning to me. I loved this book from beginning to end , and never lost interest . After reading, I was very curious as to what other people would think about this book and what their reactions would be to the information in it such as the statistics and opinions on certain topics.
From reading this book i have learned a great deal about an issue that is not always comfortable to discuss, and steps needed to take in hopes that it can be resolved. This book has encouraged me to educate myself even further on the topic of racism and share what i learn with others.


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