Civil Rights Terms Ava & bryce block#1

1857) Dread Scott Decision-- A slave went with his master to free land and therefore wanted to be a free man so he went to court to argue his freedom to the supreme court. He was not succesful
1863) The Emancipation Proclamation-- Abe Lincoln said that all slaves are free in the Confederate States. They had no say in it.
1865) The 13th Amendment-- after the civil war, this amendment banned any form of slavery. 27 out of 36 states approved it.
1868) The 14th Amendment-- this says that anybody born in the US is an American citizen
1870) The 15th Amendment-- this says, an American man of any race is allowed to vote
1896) Plessy vs. Ferguson-- Supreme Court case over segregation and it said that African Americans had to have equal resources but they could be seperate
1954) Brown vs. The Board of Education-- Supreme court case that said segregation at public schools was not allowed
1955) The Montgomery Bus Boycott-- Rosa parks would not give up her seat on the bus for a white man so she was arrested and the African- Americans in Montgomery, Boycotted the buses for over a year. The supreme court ruled that segregated buses weren't allowed.
1957) The Little Rock Nine-- A group of 9 African-Americans who went to a school for whites. they were escorted by the national guard
1960) Sit- Ins-- a few African-Americans were refused service at all white restaurants and were abused. they sat and waited until they got service.
1960) Ruby Bridges--she was on of he first black students chosen to attend an all white school in the south.
1961) Freedom Riders-- people who rode buses to segregated areas in the south in order to protest laws.
1962) James Meredith-- He was accepted into an all white school (U of Mississippi) they found out his race and denied his attendance.
1963) I Have a Dream Speech-- Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. gave a speech about freedom and jobs and equality and it became known around the world and inspired many.


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